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Welcome to the thirty-third part of my first story quiz! If you haven't already read the others, you might want to, so you can understand the story. I was reviewing part 34, and I realized that it's missing a whole paragraph! Ugh :P that's already happened to me once or twice before :/ Well, it wasn't really essential, I think, just gave some hints as to what will happen in this part.

I'm horribly sorry this release was late :S I don't know how exactly to express how guilty I feel about not getting this out on time besides saying "I'm SORRY" x 10 ^ 4231324. Thank you for sticking with me even though I'm not the best (*cough* horrible) with deadlines. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You readers mean a lot to me, even if I don't know you personally. Oh, and the recap is down there for this part.

Created by: xxblutixx

  1. Recap: After you returned from Lacey's mind, you brought with you golden specks of light that are the spirits of those trapped inside the necklace. The speaker of the spirits, Dominic, hinted at the origin of the conflict, and revealed that a son of the last Milia exists. Logan then arrived, and fighting erupts, so you quickly grabbed the necklace and formed an escape plan. On your way, you ran into Emilia kissing Justin.
  2. You stand there in shock, forgetting about the fact that you're in hostile enemy territory for a moment. You're pretty sure your mouth has fallen open, but you can't will yourself to check. Neither can you control the strange sinking of your heart as if it suddenly was as heavy as a Heffalump.
  3. Their lips unlock, and Justin looks utterly shocked, not to mention confused as he pulls himself away almost upon instinct. "Um, what was that for?" you hear him ask almost timidly. "What do you think," Emilia responds, her voice dripping with insinuation. You swear Emilia has never smirked wider, though someone else would probably describe it as smiling in bliss. Whatever. You don't even know why you're just realizing that you're ticked off at her now. Kiss Justin? It's her lips, and he's not your property... still... something doesn't feel right.
  4. Justin looks around awkwardly and spots you. "Hey, _______," he greets you, albeit a little louder than necessary. He coughs to clear his throat and blushes so deeply red that you can tell even in this darkness, "Um, I guess we should get going?" He half pushes, half extracts himself from Emilia's grasp, and leads the way up the stairs, mouthing I don't know with a very confused face to you as he passes.
  5. Emilia follows him up the staircase, almost huffily, not giving a single glance to you. Trying your best not to glare daggers into her back, seeing as covering up a murder isn't really convienient right now, you ascend the stairs. On the second floor, to your immediate right, is the lounge room. It's lined with a couple shelves around the perimeter which surround a couple chairs and a coffee table. Kalia is sitting in an armchair, just as she had promised. So far, so good. Justin is standing in the hallway, waiting for further instructions, and Emilia has already sat down in one of the chairs with her legs crossed as she examines her nails. Looks like you have to take leadership now.
  6. You clear your throat, "Um, so you all know that this mission hasn't turned out as planned." "An utter trainwreck," Emilia interjects. "They're probably looking for us already, and we need to leave, preferably without letting them know, so I was thinking that we leave via one of the balconies of the rooms," you suggest. Emilia raises her hand and speaks, "Blake's people are using the rooms for their little... private parties. How do you know which is unoccupied without disturbing the people inside?"
  7. Kalia answers for you, "I can check it out." With that, she shrinks her size down so that you can hardly see as she runs off. Barely before you lose sight of her, you hear the roar of Logan, "_______, you owe me a prisoner, and it's going to be you! I'm going to find you, you little b****."
  8. "Now they notice," Emilia remarks sarcastically and she cocks an ear, "They're coming up the stairs; _______, Jus, you have to pretend you're holding me prisoner." "What, why? We're going to leave soon," you say. "You forget that I have another important mission here. I'm done for if I'm discovered," Emilia explains. "I thought you were leaving with us? Wasn't that the plan?" you ask. "Plans change," Emilia states, and she stands up.
  9. Before you know what's happening, Emilia thrusts her arms out, and vines appear, wrapping their length around her arms and reaching out towards you, tugging at your arm. You slap the vine away and back up. Justin steps forward, asking with a wary voice, "What are you doing, Emilia?" "When in Rome, do as the Romans do," Emilia quotes, "I already said, if you won't do it, I'll do it myself. It's my job, and I need to keep it... nothing personal."
  10. "We don't have time for this, Emilia. If we don't leave soon, they'll have us and a spirit necklace. You and Jack can figure something out for a cover story later, but, right now, we need to leave. I thought we figured this out?" you ask while still backing away from the grasping vines. "You mean YOU figured it out. It's not as easy as you think, _______. There are other people involved in this, and I KNOW how Blake's people work. Your way will hurt more than mine," she explains.
  11. "Hurt?" Justin asks. "Blake isn't gentle, don't let him fool you," Emilia says, smiling as if she enjoyed the fact that she knows Blake personally, before trapping Justin in vines. "Your turn," she says, and the vines shoot off in your direction. You barely have enough time to remember that opposites repel and to then focus your air power against the vines. They stop mere centimeters away from you, their leaves brushing lightly against your skin as they try to push past your defenses.
  12. "_______, what are you doing?" Emilia narrows her eyes as she visibly puts more effort into the vines. "I just think that this isn't the best way," you tell her while struggling to keep the vines away from you, but they creep closer, second by second, pushing back your defenses. "You're too stubborn. You're going to get us killed," Emilia exclaims.
  13. "No, you're going to get us killed or tortured or worse. If you haven't realized, Blake's people don't exactly like us too much, so we need to leave NOW," you snap at her, all patience lost. "You don't know anything," Emilia says in a lowered voice, and something seems to change within her, making her countenance darker and steelier. The vines that you're holding back suddenly gain new life and breach your defense, wrapping around you, and making you fall to the floor. "Must have slipped my mind," Emilia says in a sugary voice, "It IS personal."
  14. "You're on the other side," Justin says in a sudden revelation, and, thinking over everything you know about Emilia, you can't believe you didn't see it... he's right. "Oops, is my secret out? Guess I couldn't hide it for long. Yes, I chose the winning side. Is there anything wrong with that?" Emilia admits. "Yes," Justin responds simply. Emilia cocks her head to the side as if examining Justin, "I honestly thought you were smarter."
  15. "Now, you people have wasted enough of my partying time. LOGAN!" Emilia calls. You hear the thundering of footsteps and renew your struggles to pry the vines off of you, using a mixture of force, air, and earth powers, but they just curl around you tighter. "What Emilia?" Logan asks impatiently as he turns around the corner into the hallway. His facial expression changes from impatient to satisfied as his eyes fall upon you and Justin, flies trapped in the web of a treacherous spider.
  16. "Well look who we have here. Is that _______ I see?" he says, swaggering over to stand over you. He bends down on one knee to look you in the face and caresses your cheek, "Wonderful to have you back, sweetie." You can feel fire starting to dance in your veins, heating your whole body up, with how angry and frustrated you are right now. You smell a fire, and smoke begins to rise, as you unintentionally burn away the vines entrapping you. "Now, now, that won't do," Logan says, with a pouted lip, "Can't have my pretty prisoner escaping can we?" He takes out a rod that seems to made out of clear glass and presses it to your neck. Instantly, you feel a shock of coldness and electricity, and your fire dies out. You try to summon it again, but seem to hit a mental wall. Logan holds up the rod, "Power-blocker. It's very useful."
  17. He stands up, "Good job, Emilia. I think we'll house them downstairs for the night and bring them to my house in the morning? I can take care of her personally while Blake sleeps off the party." His gaze travels along your body, "Yes, that will be best." "What would be best is you learning to leave us alone." Kalia's voice comes from seemingly nowhere, and Logan falls face-forward out of the blue. Kalia changes back to full size, holding a knife to Logan's throat with her knee pinning down his back.
  18. The small victory doesn't last for long as Emilia reacts, shooting the vines towards her too. Luckily Kalia dodges them. "How COULD you, Emilia," Kalia says in a low voice, barely concealing the anger and betrayal within, "We TRUSTED you." Emilia shrugs, "I'm a business type of girl; we look for the least risk and best profit path. Nothing personal, oh right, except for you, _______."
  19. "What did I ever DO to you," you shout in outrage. "Everything was fine until you showed up. Owen's questioning everything I do. Jack's ignoring me in favor of you. Stella spends all her time with you. Hell, even BLAKE. I can't spend an hour with him without him making some type of mention of you! I'm sick of it, of you prancing in and getting all you ever wanted at my expense. I ev-" Emilia stops mid-sentence as she crumples to the ground unconcious. Behind her is Justin, standing and looking shocked and partly scared, with a large, heavy-looking book in his hands.
  20. "I was beginning to worry you weren't going to do it," Kalia says to him, and you realize that she must've freed him earlier without anyone noticing. "Here, can you go help _______?" she asks, handing him an extra knife. "You won't get away from me," Logan growls from underneath Kalia as he tries unsuccessfully to push himself up. As muscular as he is, the way that Kalia has him pinned, he can't get up. "Uh-huh," Kalia replies back to him.
  21. "Needn't sound so sarcastic, Kalia," Quincy says as he leans against the wall of the hallway, "As off as he is most times, he should be rather correct on that point." Behind him, some of Logan's guys enter the room. "Do you mind doing something instead of chatting with the enemy, Quincy?" Logan demands. "You do have back-up guys for a reason, Logan. Try not leaving them behind next time; they looked like such lost puppies," Quincy returns, but still does nothing.
  22. You know that you're outnumbered and outpowered yet again. It's only logical anyway, seeing as this IS one of Blake's houses. "My, my, this will never do," you hear a smooth, calm voice in your head. A hazy image of white-ish gray room appears like an overlay over your vision, similar to the white area you go to when you're communicating by mind. However, you get a wilder feeling from this one as if it were too vast and different to be controllable, as if it has a life of it's own. Above, where there should be a ceiling, are swirling, shifting shimmery blue-black clouds that move like liquid.
  23. "Welcome to my world, Milia," the voice says, and, before you, you notice that there's a tall, slender guy. Pale skin upon an angular face. Mysterious, cunning eyes with red irises. Shoulder-length black hair. Loose, white, button-up shirt. Black slacks. Four fangs. Dominic in the person.
  24. "As much as I'd like to aquaint you with the pieces of the story that you're missing, I'm afraid that you can't stay long. In quite a predicament, hm? Well, we can't have that," he reaches out and touches your left upper arm. You feel something scorching hot on your skin there, and the white room disappears. "... Best of luck..." Dominic's voice trails off.
  25. You feel as if lava is flowing through your veins, yet at the same time, your heart feels like ice. The vines around you which Justin hasn't yet cut through burst open spontaneously, freeing you in an explosion of green vines and golden sparkles. Your head is pounding with the promise of a monsterous headache, and you'd like to sit down and curl up until it goes away, but your first priority is leaving this place. In your absence, Kalia was pried off of Logan and is being held up against a wall by two strong guys of Logan's. Another of Logan's guys is examining Emilia while three more are approaching you. Justin is nowhere to be seen.
  26. Time to deal with the guys approaching you. You look at the one closest to you, sizing him up. Shaggy brown hair, brown eyes - it's actually one of those guys from Logan's dungeon, which makes you feel a lot less guilty after you kick him away when he tries to lunge at you. He hits the hallway wall and slumps, unconcious to the floor. One down, two to go.
  27. In the brief span of time after you dealt with the first guy, the two other guys managed to get right up close to you. One guy grabs your arms and holds them behind you while the other takes out a rod that's clear like glass. He presses it to your neck, just like Logan did earlier. You feel the painful electric surge again as it travels through your body, robbing you of access to your powers... again.
  28. However, this time, you feel warmth within you too, an almost unbearably hot warmth as if your blood were replaced by liquid fire, traveling the opposite direction, almost as if in response. When the heat reaches your neck, the rod shatters into tiny, golden dust particles that seem to have a life of their own as they float up and condense into a ribbon which proceeds to bind the guy in front of you. Two down. One to go.
  29. You elbow the guy behind you in the stomach, making him let you go, and sprint a small distance to face him, only to see a ball of purple crackling energy whizz by your face and him, square on the chest. With that, he's down and unconcious too. Three down. Logan and Quincy to go. Looking behind you, you see Kalia with a purple orb of energy in her hand, standing between the two unconcious forms of her former captors. She gives you a small smile before sending the next at Logan.
  30. Logan dodges the attack just in time, but it goes past him and hits the guy examining Emilia instead, knocking him out too. Now it's just Logan and Quincy left. Suddenly, you're pulled back and feel an arm around your waist and a knife at your neck. "This has gone on far too long," Quincy says from behind you, "As amusing as your attempts are, Logan, to capture this - what were your words again? 'Tiny little teenybopper'?-, I think it's time to bring this to a close.Your friends over here can choose to accompany you and me or stay here with Logan, but, _______, you're coming with me."
  31. You can't move an inch for fear of slitting your throat on the blade that is so closely pressed to your skin, and your powers are still blocked. "Wait a moment now, I'M the boss here. I outrank you, you little arrogant scum!" Logan roars at Quincy, "She goes with me." "Respectfully, I must disagree. I was the one who first knew there were intruders in the building and took action, therefore, it is my responsibility to close this matter," Quincy returns in a professional tone as he backs up, bringing you with him, "By the way, Blake will be hearing about this... little security mishap when I turn _______ in."
  32. "You're a snitch of a f***in' snake. Go to f***in' hell," Logan curses at Quincy, getting so worked up that his face is red. He's also so agitated that he doesn't notice that the bookcase behind him as it starts to wobble... and tip... and fall...
  33. The bookcase clips Logan's shoulder just enough to make him fall to the ground, but it's the weight of the falling books that bury him and make him unable to come after you. That one bookcase, however, hits a second one and knocks it over, which hits a third one, and a fourth, and the domino effect continues. Quincy notices the danger and tries to move out of the way, but holding you hostage slows him, and he ends up losing his grip on you in the interest of saving himself from the same fate as Logan.
  34. Justin comes out from behind the shelves and grabs your hand, "Let's go." It must have been him who had tipped over the shelves. "Thank you," you give him a quick hug before running with him out of the room, following Kalia to the empty room she had found earlier. As soon as you enter it, she locks it and barricades it with the bed. She runs off the balcony and jumps into the air, extending her wings, but you and Justin are a bit more hesitant, staring down at the distance. "Um, I don't think this is going to work," Justin states.
  35. Kalia flies back to the balcony, "Oops, I forgot. What should we do? I don't think either _______ or I can support your weight; you're kind of taller than either of us. No offense intended." "None taken," Justin replies back absent-mindedly as he looks around, surveying the room for ideas.
  36. You look around too and see that the bed is made with tons of sheets. "Maybe we can knot them into a ladder... quickly?" you suggest, pointing the sheets. Kalia picks up a sheet and looks doubtfully at it, "Maybe..." Justin shakes his head, "If I weren't here, you two could just fly away." "If you weren't here, we'd be captured too," you point out.
  37. There's a knock at the door, a sharp tapping. "You've run enough, haven't you, _______? Always running. Aren't you tired of it yet? You may rest here if you'd like, if you stay with us. We'd ever appreciate your company," Quincy offers, and you have to wonder how it's possible that he's still as calm-sounding as ever. If you didn't know him, it would've been possible that his offer sounded friendly rather than malicious. However, you do, and staying here isn't an option.
  38. "I have an idea," you say, grabbing the comforter from off of the bed, "Kalia, would it be possible for each of us to hold opposite ends of this comforter between us while flying?" Kalia nods slowly, with a questioning look. "Justin, I know you hate heights," you start out. "I know, but there kind of really isn't any alternative," he replies back, just as a screech of metal on metal reaches your ears. You look back to see Quincy's knife cutting through the hinges of the door. It definitely confirms your suspicion that the knife is enchanted somehow.
  39. "You sure?" you ask him. "Yes, we have to. Let's go," he answers. You throw Kalia the opposite end of the comforter which she catches, and Justin sits in the middle. Both you and Kalia take off, using the railing of the balcony as a springboard. "Holy-" Justin exclaims at the sudden change in altitude, grasping onto all edges of the blanket to keep himself in. Your idea seems to be working as you rise through the air, however, after you lose the momentum of jumping off of the balcony, you start to plumment.
  40. You fight to rise and, across from you, Kalia is doing the same. The wind created from your fall, however, is complicating issues further by blowing your wings every which way, and that's not to mention your arm which is still sore from everything tonight. Between Layla breaking it earlier (even though the encounter with the immortals and their golden dust had healed it), Emilia crushing it with vines, and Dominic burning it, your arm has good reason to be a tad sore.
  41. In a couple of minutes, you and Kalia manage to stop the fall and rise to fly back at the level of the balcony. You take one last look back to see Quincy on the balcony with such a look of fury that you never thought would appear on his face. He draws his arm back and throws it forward, releasing something shining silver in the air. His knife... and it's coming right at you.
  42. Who do you like? (because of the length of this one, the scoring might be off)

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