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Welcome to the thirtieth part of my first story quiz! If you haven't already read the others, you might want to, so you can understand the story. Thirty parts I've written... wow. It looks so weird, but I'm not sure if it's because I never see "30th" written out, because I can't believe I wrote 30 parts, or because I spelled it wrong XD

Recap: Luna told you that Anima shared your power with Justin then Jack explained the plan for this mission: basically, observe the people and the building and remain unnoticed until midnight when the heist will occur. After good-byes, you go to the party which is in the ballroom of an empty hotel.

Created by: xxblutixx

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  1. "We should probably split up," Stella has to shout to be heard, which is saying quite a lot. You just nod to let her know you understand, and she and Lacey break away, getting absorbed into the crowd quickly. You stand awkwardly around a bit among the throngs of people, unsure what to do, when some guy dashes past you, their shoulder knocking yours back. He didn't even stop to say excuse me, and a girl, that black-haired on who was sitting on the stage, runs equally quickly, pursuing him.
  2. You see what's going to happen before the girl does: a guy is moving towards her, into her path, without suspecting what happens next. They collide. You watch as the guy catches the girl to stop her from falling, but suddenly looks down at the floor, a movement emphasized because he's wearing a Venetian beaked mask. Beaked... you look at the guy again and recognize that it's Jack which makes you look all the more. You see his mouth moving rapidly before he weaves his way out, as if something just occurred to him, heading for the exit to the hallway. You can see Oceana following through the crowd after him.
  3. Because of that, you decide to sit at the bar where you can observe the party without been run over. Besides, Justin did ask for you to visit him, so why not now? You find a swivel seat at the bar in front of Justin so that you don't have to interact with the other bartenders. "Mr. Bartender," you say and tap him on the shoulder to get his attention since it's so loud in here. He turns around looking relieved and glad that it's you. "Hey," he smiles, "It's busy here." "Yeah, I see, is the work difficult?" you ask, wishing you could just speak plainly to him instead of pretending he was a stranger. "You've got no idea. See the guy in the red and gold? He's the boss here, and he has an intense appreciation for talent and skill, neither of which I possess," Justin vents. "Lets see you practice then, I want a root beer float," you request.
  4. Justin looks amused, "Coming right up." He starts shuffling around behind the bar when a purple metallic nail taps on the bar counter. A girl slips into the seat next to you. "True, negative, soft, Bloody Mary," she says. It's that gray-eyed, black-haired girl from the stage. Justin looks up, "What?" The girl sighs, "Just get Russel, please." Justin walks up to another bartender who points to the tall guy in the red and gold. You watch as Justin approaches him from behind and, rather timidly, taps him on the back.
  5. While the "boss" bartender serves the girl next to you, Justin fixes up your root beer float and sets it in front of you just as a guy down the bar by a couple of seats calls him over. As you sip your drink, you watch interestedly. The guy who called him over isn't sitting down; the only person sitting on a stool down there is small girl with black hair and red highlights dressed up in the costume style of Logan's team. She's surrounded by a few other male members of that team, but Logan is nowhere in sight. If he was, you suspect they'd all get in a lot of trouble for drinking on the job, or at least attempting to.
  6. After one of the guys talks to Justin extensively, the girl is served what looks like a tiny shotglass of tomato juice. She seems to pick it up hesitantly, but, at the urging of the guys around her, she drinks the contents. You see her whole body shudder, and the guys cheer, ordering a tray of the shot glasses which the girl downs in record speed, getting progressively quicker to drink them with each glass. As Justin pulls out the bottle yet again to pour the drink, the girl grabs the bottle and stands on top of the bar, guzzling it down, not caring as some of it pours past her mouth. She lets out a feral snarl and reaches under the bar for more. Justin backs up, looking a little scared and repulsed while Logan's guys are cheering.
  7. "What's going on?" you ask Justin. "You know what they ordered?" Justin leans over the bar to talk to you in private, "Blood." He looks like he's going to be sick. You yourself are feeling a little queasy at the sight of the girl chugging down pints of blood. Suddenly, she turns to look at you with glowing maroon eyes. "What are you looking at?" she bellows, walking down the bartop toward you. "That's not for walking on," Justin tries to prevent her from advancing, but she impatiently swipes at him, knocking him to the side. "Do you know who I am?" the girl asks, wobbling a bit unsteadily, "I work for Logan, and he can mess you up so badly b****. Actually, I can too." A few yards away from you, the girl lunges, fangs and hands extended.
  8. Only quick action by the head bartender saves you from becoming vampire food. He holds her back by the arms, quietly trying to placate her with promises of more blood. She viciously tries to break free, and her mask falls off in the process. Though the eyes are maroon with blood, you know they're gray. Though her face seems slimmer and more exotically vampiress and her hair sleeker, you know exactly who it is. That singular burning intensity in her eyes is of such strength you thought you'd never see again.
  9. Kiki. The girl bitten by Logan who was imprisoned in the cell next to yours when you were in Logan's dungeon. You shiver at the memory, but it brings back another memory about the last time you saw Kiki. She grabbed onto your ankle with the same ferocious determined look on her face and begged you to kill her if you ever saw her again because she was afraid of what she would become once Logan's venom took her over. It seems that she was right because she's snarling like a wild animal as she tries to attack you. A few more words from the head bartender, and she twists free, calmer, but still a little upset-looking as she walks out into the crowd followed by the other members of Logan's team.
  10. "Hey, hey... are you okay, __-" Justin asks, but he has to stop himself before saying your name. "That girl. She's from Logan's dungeon, but that isn't her anymore," you say. Justin looks a little confused, "What's different about her?" "Well... she didn't hate me for one, and she was human," you explain, "She told me to kill her the next time I saw her." "You don't have to kill anyone," Justin tells you, and he leans in closer to whisper confidentially, "Just get through the night, and we'll all be out quickly and safely." You nod slowly, comforted, yet still shaken by seeing Kiki.
  11. You don't want to encounter more bloodthirsty people, especially because you'd probably make a nice snack for them, so you wander away from the bar after promising Justin that you'll keep in touch if anything happens. You wade through the dancing people, sneaking through whatever way is free because you really don't have a clue where you're trying to end up. As you brush past one of the guests, they grab your arm, "Hey there, beautiful".
  12. You turn around, ready to tell off whatever creep is trying to flirt with you, but you're met by the green-blue eyes of Cory. "Hey, having a good time?" you greet him back. "Not yet, but meeting you, I think I will," he flashes his trademark grin. "What's your plans for having a good time for the rest of the night?" you ask, hoping that he'll somehow be able to tell you about what you should be doing for the rest of the night. "We don't need plans. Until there's a sign, you can just enjoy yourself," he winks, pulling you closer to him by your waist, "And dance with me."
  13. Cory leaves no room for opposition and sets his hands up: right hand just above your waist and the left holding your right hand then places your left hand on his right shoulder. "Um, Cory, I don't know how dance," you tell him. He laughs, "Neither do I, but I've seen it done before on... TV." "The show wouldn't happen to be 'Dancing with the Stars' would it?" you ask because you know that Stella is addicted to that show. "... Maybe," he says evasively and starting to lead you in dancing. "Ah, you watch 'Dancing with the Stars'," you giggle, imagining athletic Cory watching the show intently with Stella and Emilia. "It was once... and Stella made me," he defends himself. "Mhmm... It's not like you have anything to be ashamed of. It's just funny to picture you, Mr. Testosterone, sitting with Stella and Emilia, two girly-girls, and watching the show together," you smile.
  14. "What's up with this DJ? He has an odd taste for music genres," you comment, because the current music is almost a ballroom dance type of music which you're pretty sure is a foxtrot and you could have sworn the last song was "Sexy and I know it". "I doubt it's the DJ's doing. There's a bunch of mind controllers here," Cory informs you. "There are? Who? We need to stay away from dealing with those people," you say. As Cory slides across the floor with you, he points out a couple of them: "That girl I was talking to before with the light-up dress is one. Her name's Roxy, and her team commander is that girl in the purple silk with the black hair, the one that told us all to be quiet. Apparently she has a knack for convincing people to do things too. There's also rumors that the Blakemaster has some ability in that area."
  15. "Why do you call him the Blakemaster?" you ask, and he laughs, "Didn't you see him up there? He acts like he's the master of the world." A thought occurs to you, "You never mentioned, what kind of sign are we looking for?" "Well no one knows for sure," Cory says. "Oh, mysterious you are, but really, you have to know something," you reply. He smiles, "Well, it might start off with something like this." Cory quickens the pace of his steps and twirls you around in a circle like a ballet dancer. When you lose the momentum of the spin, he leans you back to rest in the crook of his arm. He conjures up a red rose and puts it in your hair. He smiles, looking down at you and continues, "And it might end with something like this." Cory leans in and kisses you before you have time to recover from the spin and the dancing.
  16. You don't know whether you're feeling so weightless and euphoric because A. you're dizzy and forgot how to breathe B. Cory's kiss is so full of life and excitement that you're just breathless C. someone slipped something in your root beer float or D. you're about to pass out. It could be any of those or neither of those or all of those, but you could care less right now because all you can think about is the sensation of Cory's lips moving with yours. When you finally break apart, you abstractly realize that there's a quieter atmosphere now as the songs switch. Because of that, the wolf-whistling, the "get a room"s, and the "awww"s are all the more loud and attention-attracting. The comments make you blush as red as the rose in your hair.
  17. Cory straightens you up and gives you a peck on the cheek. "I couldn't resist," he says, lifting his shoulders in a shrug, yet still smiling, "You set up a perfect cue." "You make everything the perfect cue," you say, "And learning to resist is called self-restraint." He laughs and suggests, "Maybe I can't restrain myself unless you do it for me."
  18. "Is that suggesting something?" you ask him. "Suggesting what?" he raises his eyebrows at you and attempts an innocent expression. "Oh- just, never mind," you shake your head, "I should go. I wanted to see the necklace before... I leave." "And I guess you're leaving me now," Cory frowns. "You'll see me around," you say. "It'll be impossible not to see you, beautiful," Cory winks, "After all, from the first time I saw you, you've been etched into my mind."
  19. After leaving Cory, you make your way to the hallway. Here there are rope lights along the edges of the wall to help illuminate paths like at a movie theater, but the directions are easy for you. You just take a left and keep walking until you get back to foyer. The music from the ballroom seems at an actually tolerable volume except it seems echoey like the sound is coming through a tunnel. The result is a sort of creepy, wavering sound that is made creepier by the echoes of your footsteps as you walk towards the pedestal in the middle of the room.
  20. Unlike when you first arrived, a bell jar covers the top of the pedestal, and one of those department store velvet stands under it, showcasing a necklace fashioned of a twisted silver chain. A circular disk medallion with a square amethyst in the middle hangs off the chain, and it is surrounded by two rings of silver with the edges ornamented in diamonds. The space between rings is connected by silver arcs to create the effect of a flower.
  21. The amethyst in the middle pulses with a purple light, and the diamonds on the edges twinkle even though there really isn't much light to create such an effect. Something about it attracts you, compels you to lean in until your nose almost touches the glass, asks you to listen until you can hear the slight hum of energy radiating from it in the air. If only you would lift it out from under the glass, you could hear it better, hear the music of it clearly and identify what it is that pulls you in so strongly. If only you would pick it up, you could share in the pure energy of life that it exudes, could experience the wonders of mind, heart, thought...
  22. Cool fingers jolt you from your thoughts like a cold shower in the morning. You turn around to see the black-masked, yet familiar face of Kris. "You don't want to get too close," he advises as he guides you farther away from the pedestal. "That's it. It's genuine. I don't know how I know, but I know," you state. "It's because of who you are. You are the Milia. You know what has been created by those before you and what has been affected by those before you," Kris tells you.
  23. "Where's Kalia?" you ask, noticing she's not in the foyer. "Memorizing routes out of here," he explains. All you can think of to answer back is a small "oh". "A waltz. Hm, the DJ either has a very eclectic taste in party music or he's being messed with by a lot of people," Kris says, tilting his head so as to listen to the music emitting from the ballroom better. You laugh, "I noticed that too." Kris closes his eyes and sways his head to the music ever so slightly. "Would you like to dance?" he asks you.
  24. "I don't know how," you say. Kris smiles, "I'll teach you then." He takes hold of your right hand gently with his left, puts your left hand on his shoulder, and places his right hand on your waist. "Now just mirror me," Kris instructs you. You watch as he steps forward with his left foot, so you step back with your right. You know you did that right from the small nod of Kris's head. He steps to his right, so you step to his left and continue to mirror his steps. Meanwhile, you can hear him quietly keeping time to the music by mumuring "1,2,3, 1,2,3..." under his breath.
  25. After some time, you start to get the hang of it, and can actually look up from your feet to Kris once in a while. He has a soft, content look on his face and his mouth turns up in a small smile every so often. Unlike the dance you did with Cory, this one seems more formal, sophisticated, and graceful. As you and Kris twirl around the foyer, you feel as if you're transported to another era, one where full-length wide gowns were a necessity, ballroom dancing was popular, nights were always dark, and royalty presided over it all in their gleaming castles.
  26. You're abruptly brought back to the present by the end a screech that echoes down the hallway. "This is one too many!" You can hear a commotion down the hall. "I wonder what's happening," you say curiously. Kris shrugs, "Drama. We should get out of the way." You shake your head, "No, I want to see what's happening. Anything can make the difference to whether we succeed or not." Kris looks like he wants to protest but, perhaps knowing it would take too long to convince you, instead says, "Nevertheless, I have to go since I'm not really supposed to be here. Thank you for the dance and stay safe." He bends and kisses your hand like a gentleman before disappearing into the shadows just as the ruckus gets to the foyer.
  27. The first person who enters is Petra with her back towards you, facing the direction of the hall and shouting inintelligibly in an angry tone to Emilia who enters the room second. Emilia is shouting too, but she's walking quicker than Petra, who's limited by her tight dress. Emilia gets up into Petra's face and grabs her arms. Petra pushes her away, "Get your filthy hands off me, you sl**, I don't know where they've been." Emilia laughs disbelievingly, "Funny that should come from you, you wh***. Compared to you, anyone is a saint."
  28. They exchange a few more not-so-nice comments before Petra has had enough and slaps Emilia. Emilia puts a hand to her cheek as if in disbelief for a second before lunging at Petra, grabbing her hair and pulling. Petra screeches and start to claw at Emilia. The movement makes her fall, taking Emilia down with her, and the two scrabble around on the floor, fighting. A crowd is gathered around them, jeering and cheering in equal part.
  29. Because you're in the right corner by the front door, you're a bit removed from the excitement, and the crowd mostly blocks your view. However, things start to get a bit more interesting. Brackish water which has the very smell of the ocean splashes out from Petra in almost a backwards whirlpool fashion, and the crowd backs up and spreads out, with dismayed groans about the water. They have no opportunity to reform because almost immeadiately following the water is a shockwave of energy that makes your hair and the hair of everyone around you staticky followed by a ring of fire around the fighters. The fire is barely up to ankle height, but everyone is cautious of stepping over it in case Emilia, who's controlling it, decides to raise it. Following their outbursts of power, Petra's eyes are empty and black while Emilia's burn amber and red.
  30. By now, the fight has attracted the attention of Logan's security forces. They circle around the perimeter of the room, much like wolves, and outline the area in a border of black. Logan comes up close to the ring of fire, "As hot as it is seeing a catfight, would you mind moving it away from the boss's necklace? I'd rather not be killed on account of you two messing it up." "Shut up, Logan," Emilia growls, and the fires of the ring flare up for an instant. "Hey, all I'm asking is you take the murdering each other elsewhere," Logan says. The two girls ignore him as they attack each other again, this time using their powers.
  31. Because it's getting seriously dangerous in here and you don't want to get involved, you scamper up the right staircase since it's the closest escape route. You have no idea what you'll do up here though because, from your memory, there were mostly just bedrooms, a couple suites, and one or two lounge areas. You remember that a couple of the rooms have balconies, and right now, some fresh air away from these people sounds nice. You stand in front of the doors which lead to the balcony rooms, deciding which to enter. There are 4 closed doors, which you aren't sure if they're locked or not, and 2 doors that are open by a crack.
  32. After some consideration, you choose to enter one of the rooms with open doors because, seeing how crazy the party has already gotten and the rumors you've heard about Blake's team, you would rather not walk into anything if someone was using one of these rooms. The interior of the room is very dark because a heavy sage green curtain covers the only glass to the outside, much like the curtain in Kris's room. However, with your immortal sight abilities, you can just about pick out the outline of the furniture so that you don't trip over anything. You pull back the curtain to reveal French doors leading out onto a steel balcony, which you remember has a potted plant and a glass table with chairs even though outside is too dark to actually see them.
  33. You pull the curtain and doors closed behind you so that you can be undisturbed. Out here, the night is like liquified darkness because there's a new moon. You feel like if you just reached out, you could catch some in a jar. Disregarding the almost complete black of the night, it's actually quite nice out here. Tranquil. Refreshing. "It is nice out here, isn't it?" someone's voice breaks your solitude. You can just about discern a figure unfolding as they stand up, presumably from a seat in front of the table. You hadn't noticed that before because of the darkness of the night and your preoccupation of observing the outdoors.
  34. The person comes closer to you, leaning on the railing of the balcony, a glass cup reflecting the scant starlight in their hand. Their white mask and blond hair shows up more than anything in this darkness. Blake. "My party not your type of thing, _______?"
  35. -cliffhanger- Who do you like? (Blake isn't a result, but he will be next time)

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