Don't leave me hanging part 26

Welcome to the twenty-sixth part of my first story quiz! If you haven't read the others, you might want to. Guess what, Justin's in this one. Not much I must admit, but he's in the next one as well. The masquerade ball is going to start in part 28 or 29 it seems.

Recap: You spent some of your day with Owen outside, and Kris returned. In your dreams, you found out that the mysterious voice in your sleep was Blake, but some girl came in, accusing you of being a boy-stealer and nearly drowning you. The next morning, you woke up Kris in the living room, and you have to decide if you're going to tell him about your dreams.

Created by: xxblutixx

  1. You take a deep breath. It wouldn't do any good to exclude Blake's visits to your dreams, even though it would make Kris worry and maybe a little angry. You tell Kris about the dreams with the voice you've been having, how it turned out to be Blake, and how that mystery mermaid-girl interrupted and caused your nightmare. Kris's facial expression is hard to read. Not that it's ever been easy, but it seems like he's slightly frowning. Whatever other emotion he's feeling is imperceptible to you. "That nightmare before that you had when we were camping, was that one of these?" he questions you. "No, it wasn't," you tell him, "Look, Kris, I never told you guys about these because I didn't see how they were relevant when there were and are so many other more pressing things that need to be taken care of than my mind." "But your mind is you, _______, and we are supposed to protect you. If you just get a scratch, I can heal that, but your mind is up to you to heal if it gets damaged."
  2. You know that he's just concerned for you, but you're tired of people telling you to be careful all the time. You change the topic, "So what's planned for today? Do I need to do anything?" Kris doesn't seem surprised by the topic change, "Well, Jack wants you to train today." "Do you know when he's planning that?" you ask. "Actually," Kris begins, "He asked me to do that." "Oh, okay, when are you planning then?" you ask. "Whenever you're ready, since I'm awake," Kris says. "I'll go get dressed, and I'll be ready," you tell him, going upstairs. You change into a pair of skinny jeans and a tank top with a low back so that your wings can have space to move. For shoes, you throw on some converse, and you head back downstairs where you find Kris lying back down, sound asleep. You feel bad about waking him up the first time, so you go back upstairs, grab a book, and sit in the armchair across from Kris to read it.
  3. After some time, you're not sure exactly how much, but it may have been a couple hours, you hear movement upstairs. Jack must be up. Sure enough, he comes into the living room in some time. "Morning, _______," he smiles at you. You greet him back over the cover of your book. "What are you up to?" he asks. You gesture to Kris, "I'm just waiting for him." Jack looks over the edge of the couch, "You can just wake him up, _______. He won't be mad." You shrug, "I figured he deserves some sleep because I already woke him up earlier. Jack nods and goes into the dining room, but he pokes his head back out the door a moment later, "Oh, do you want anything from the kitchen, ______?"
  4. You get back into reading your book, and Jack comes back into the living room a bit later with scrambled eggs, toast, and whatever you asked him to get for you. You put down your book and talk to him about anything that comes to mind until he finishes eating. "Nice talking to you, _____. I have to go meet some people about backup for Saturday, but I'll be back this evening. If you want to get some training done today, you should probably wake up Sleepy Beauty over there," he laughs and gives you a hug before he leaves. You read some more until you look at the clock and notice that it's noon. You warm-up some leftovers for lunch, and, after you're done eating, decide that it would probably be best if Kris woke up. Going up to where he's sleeping, you shake him a little and say, "Hey, Kris. It's past noon. Are we going to train or do you want to sleep more or what?" "Hm?" he replies groggily, opening one eye. Seeing you, he sits up suddenly, "Oh, did I fall asleep?" You giggle a little as you nod your head.
  5. "I'm sorry, _______. Here, meet me outside in 5 minutes, okay?" he requests. You take your book outside and lie on the grass in the warm sun, reading. Five minutes later, Kris comes out, as promised. He's changed into a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a gray v-neck T-shirt, which he takes off when he gets outside, revealing his slim, but athletic-looking body. He changes into his immortal form as he's walking towards you as if it's such a natural thing for him.
  6. You put down your book and stand up, stretching out your own wings as you do so. "what are teaching me today, Kris?" you ask curiously. "Since you've learnt about elves with Jack and werewolves with Marisa, Jack asked me to teach you about the other half of you: fallen angels... and vampires," he responds, "You've learned that elves are particularly good at the elements and werewolves are good at sensing magic. Fallen angels are good at knowing things they shouldn't and generally things with the mind like telepathy. Vampires tend to be good at emotions and influencing people. I was thinking that for today, we could work on some mind powers and then see if your wings are developed enough for you to fly."
  7. "Okay, let's begin then," he says, "We'll start with telekinesis since that's my power, so it'll be the easiest to teach you." He takes out a yellow ping pong ball and puts it on the ground. "______, I want you to to try and move that ball using only your mind." It's kind of a very vague instruction, but you turn your attention to the ball and stare at it intently. After a minute, you see the ball moving to the left slightly. "I did it!" you exclaim happily, before you realize that the ball is still moving without you and there's a wind blowing in that direction. "Oh," you say, measurebly less excited, "Never mind." You keep trying and, by the end of the session, you are actually able to lift the ball into the air with your mind, though when there's wind, it blows the ball outside of your concentration. During the whole time, Kris was there, lending support and help when you needed it, but he was a silent, yet comforting presence while you were concentrating.
  8. "Very nice start," Kris says to you, "Now we can test your telapathy. I'm going to try an read your thoughts, and you should concentrate, see if you can sense me trying, and block me if you can." You nod. After some time, you feel as if you're getting a headache, which causes you to lose your concentration. "Sorry it's uncomfortable," Kris apologizes, and you realize he must've gotten into your mind. "It's fine. Try again," you say, determined to try again. When you start to feel something with your mind this time, you concentrate and think about it and begin to feel as if some thought is detaching itself within your mind. Before you know it, you're standing in an empty white space, very similar to the area in your dreams. It's weird because, while you could see that you're in this empty area, it's almost as if the room is a projection since you're aware that you're still in Kris's yard because you can feel the sun, wind, and ground still.
  9. A black blur is in the distance in the empty room/area. You feel like you have to check it out, so you run over to it. It feels like it takes forever because only when you're a foot away does it take shape into Kris. His brow furrows in confusion. "Kris?" you say, surprised, "Where are we?" After a pause looking around the area, he responds, "... In my backyard still, but _______ what did you do?" "I don't know," you say, measureably confused by now, "You mean, this isn't supposed to happen?"
  10. Kris seems to think for a long moment before he moves, pushing your hair out of your face and touching your cheek with his hand. "Can you feel that, ______?" he asks. You're a little perplexed by his question, but you answer truthfully, "Yes, you're touching me, so I should be able to." "No, I mean," he breaks off and bites his lip, "Could you put your trust in me and close for eyes for a minute? I want to test something." You agree, since there's nothing to lose anyway, and close your eyes.
  11. You can hear Kris take a deep breath then feel the soft touch of his lips on yours. "Now, could you feel that, _______?" he asks softly. You blush a little, "Yes, Kris, but I don't understand?" "_______, I think we've found your special power," he tells you. "What is it?" you ask eagerly, opening your eyes. "This whole area, it's more than an illusion since you can experience everything with your senses. There's no other explanation for it, _______, somehow you can either create or have access to other dimensions or worlds," Kris explains, "I would guess it's fitting since you are the Milia..." You're taken by surprise at finding your power; you didn't think it'd be this easy. One thing bothers you, though. "Um, how do I end this?" you ask.
  12. Kris raises an eyebrow, "That's a good question, _______." You look around the area, at a loss for what to do. A big red button with a sign saying push this button to exit would be nice or even one of those red EXIT signs and a door. As you're thinking about this, a blur appears directly in front of you. Going to investigate it, you find that it's none other than a big red button under a plastic case on the wall. A sign above it declares in bold, black letters, "Press here to exit".
  13. You take a chance, lift the lid, and press the button. Instantly, the empty world disappears, replaced by the green landscape of Kris's backyard. "Wonderful," Kris quietly praises you, smiling, "We'll give your mind a break and try flying now. Finding your own power seems to have made you wings go through a growth spurt." Sure enough, when you extend your wings, they reach your fingertips on both sides. Kris launches up into the air and motions to you, indicating that you should join him. Unsure exactly how to start, you don't move at first.
  14. Hoping that this will work, you take a running start and jump into the air. You must have underestimated your immortal strength and speed, though, because you shoot up much higher than where Kris is before you even realize it. You flare out your wings to slow yourself and instantly, you can feel the currents of the air pushing on you. Kris flies gracefully up to you, and, for the next hour or two, he teaches you about flying.
  15. By now, it's evening time, probably around 7 or 8, and Kris tells you that you've had a successful day of training and that it's time for dinner. Using the skills he taught you, you angle down to land on the ground. However, he stops you. "Actually, _______, follow me," he says. You're slightly confused, but you follow him anyway as he flies toward the house.
  16. He lands on the balcony outside his room, and you see why he wanted you to come here. There's a table. And two chairs. And a serving tray. And lit candles. You land on the balcony next to him. "What's this for, Kris?" you ask, just in case you're mistaken. "You, _______," Kris says, pulling back a chair and inviting you to sit in it, "I did tell you that I would try to make up for my leaving." You sit down and sip some water from the glass in front of you because you're nervous. You watch as he seats himself across the table from you.
  17. He opens the covered dish on the serving tray to reveal two dinner plates of your favorite dinner dish. It's artistically made as if gotten from some fancy restaurant with garnishes and everything. It doesn't just look good, though, as you find out when you dig into it, it tastes delicious. In addition, you learn that Kris pre-prepared this whole dinner the night before, which is why he was so sleepy this morning, and that he had Stella set everything up while you were training with him. As you savor the food, you want to take in and remember this moment forever. The taste of the food. The smell of the strategically placed flowers on the balcony. The sound of Kris's quiet voice as he talks to you. The magical feel of it all that can't be replicated.
  18. When the food is all done, you and Kris continue to sit and talk for a bit, reluctant to go inside yet. However, it starts to get cooler, so the two of you decide to go in. You mosey on slowly through his room, in the hallway, and up the stairs to your room. "Thanks for the dinner, Kris, it was thoughtful of you," you tell him, "I enjoyed it." He smiles, "No problem at all, _______. I'm glad you enjoyed it." "Well, good night, Kris," you say, giving him a hug. He hugs you back and kisses you on the cheek, "Good night, _______."
  19. When he's halfway down the spiral stairs that lead down from your room, a thought occurs to you, "You won't be gone again when I wake up, will you?" "No, I don't need anymore time to think. I've made my mind up," he responds. "Could you possibly share the results of your deep thinking with me?" you inquire. He smiles and continues walking down the stairs, "Possibly." You hang off the railing of the stairs to talk to him, "Well?" You start to feel a sort of tickling feeling in your mind, and you hear Kris's voice in your mind, "_______..."
  20. "... I'm incurably in love with you."
  21. Before you can say anything, his presence exits your mind as well as the area. You go through your night routine of getting ready for bed, with Kris's words echoing in your head. You climb into bed, savoring your day. However, as soon as you fall asleep, the same girl is there again, in her mermaid form and sitting on a rock, as if waiting for you. Water covers the floor up to your ankles, and the girl is absentmindedly splashing the water around with her tail. "Welcome back," she grins, as if she were a predator staring at prey. You do notwant to go through this whole experience again, so you begin to think back to your training with Kris in order to exit this place.
  22. Try as you might though, your mind feels fuzzy, and control over this place keeps alluding you. "So, I thought I would try something new," the girl begins conversationally, "Let's get to know each other, more, shall we?" She flips onto her back and drapes her body over the rock, "I'm Petra, you?" You're deeply suspicious of the girl, so you hold your tongue, still trying to get an exit door to appear.
  23. "Rude," Petra comments, and waves of water drag you over to her. She's just out of reach of you as her tentacles of water are twined around your arms, chest, and legs, keeping you tethered in your place. "B****, answer me," Petra demands, "You could at least find the decency in your w****ish self to tell me your name." "Well, when you say it like that, of course I want to tell some random girl with temper issues my name," you say sarcastically. The girl's mouth opens in a startled "o" as if she wasn't expecting a comeback. She flips over to sit on the rock again, and you can tell she's mad.
  24. "I don't like your sass," she says and smashes a wave of salty water straight into your face, almost choking you. She gets up in your face, "You have an attitude problem." Look who's talking you think, but you forget that your thoughts are as good as talking in this place. It's obvious Petra heard you. She gives you a dirty look, and her eyes begin to glow dark indigo.
  25. The ground begins to shake. You need to get out of here. You struggle against the water, but it doesn't budge. Again, you try to end the dream with your powers. This time, it feels like you hit some type of barrier blocking you from your power. Curious, you push against it with your mind. Petra's head swivels to look at you with her dark, pit-like eyes that narrow as if concentrating, and you feel the barrier push back. In your mind, you try harder to break past the barrier, and you can see visible signs of strain in Petra's face as she tries to hold you back.
  26. You persist and begin to notice that the barrier starts to waver. Finally, you break through and a hole appears in front of you. Without delay, you jump into the hole, but as you exit, you feel sharp nails dig into the skin of your wrist. Back in your room, everything is as it should be, except for the ghostly-looking apparation of Petra at the base of your bed. She looks as surprised as you are, but she recovers quicker. "Where is this, I wonder?," her voice has an echoey tone to it. She starts walking toward you.
  27. Suddenly, you hear a high-pitched sound followed by rustling. A gray blur shoots through the air at Petra. "What the h*** is that," she screams. It's that bird again, and it's pecking at her furiously. She disappears in a wisp of gray smoke, and the bird flies over to sit on your shoulder. "Thank you," you whisper to the bird, still a little shaken from the experience and a little tired from the mental battle. You can hear footsteps pounding up the stairs, and your bedroom door flies open.
  28. "What's going on here?" Jack asks, stepping into your room in his immortal form and looking ready for a fight. "Um, bad dream..." you explain. "Anything I can do?" Jack asks, sitting at the bottom of your bed. You bite your lip, and take a breath, "Yes... could you listen for a couple minutes, and not be mad at me?" He gives you a questioning look, "I could do that, but why?" For an explanation, you open up and tell him what you told Kris, about Blake appearing in your dreams and about that girl, Petra.
  29. "I guess I've been missing a lot of stuff with you while I was knocked out, hm?" he says. You just shrug and look to the side, "Is there anything I can do? I don't want to go back to sleep." "The nightmare really shook you up, didn't it?" he asks with a concerned voice, "_______, it's 2 AM; I think it's in your best interests to get more sleep."
  30. You don't respond, and he goes to you and gives you a hug. He kisses your forehead, "I'll stay with you for a bit if it'll make you feel better." "You don't have to," you tell him, but he just shakes his head at you. You sigh and lean into his warm embrace, taking comfort in his being there and trying to forget about Petra.
  31. You wake up to the sound of your door opening. "Morning _______!" Justin greets you, and you can feel your mattress bounce as he throws himself on your bed. "I don't wanna wake up," you grumble, "Five minutes more." "It's noon, _______," he tells you, "Don't sleep the day away, it's actually time where we can hang out."
  32. You sit up, "Give me half an hour, Justin." He accepts your time extension and walks out of the room. Slowly, you get up, but something feels off. Then you remember about your waking up in the middle of the night and Jack. Weird that you managed to have a nightmare-free sleep after you woke up that time. You notice a paper on your nightstand and pick it up to read: "_______, you fell asleep before I could leave, so I tucked you back in bed. I would've liked to stay with you longer, but Kris and I had to go take care of some things. We'll be back late tonight, but Stella and Cory are coming over as well as Justin. Until then, Jack. P.S. You're cute asleep
  33. You get ready for the day, and head downstairs, followed by the bird. Justin and Stella, in her magical form, are in the dining room, eating, and they pass you a plate with some food. "So, what are we going to do today?" you ask. "Well... Justin's been dying to go bowling," Stella starts. Justin rolls his eyes at her exaggeration, but she continues, "and Jack didn't say anything specifically against leaving the house; he just said that he wanted you to be accompanied by either me or Cory. Also I heard today, they're doing glow bowling, so... you know..."
  34. "I'm up for it," you agree, glad for an activity to do. "Great," Justin smiles as if you just made his day. "What's with the bird accessory, _______?" Stella asks, holding her hand out to it, "It's soo fluffy and cute-looking." The bird hops from your shoulder to her hand and starts looking at the her necklace quizzacally. "Oh, it just followed me yesterday," you explain. She bends down closer to the bird, petting it and cooing, "Awh aren't you a cute little boidie? Yes, you are."
  35. You see her tilt her head to look at the bird closer, and she looks up at you, with slight disbelief in her eyes. "______, where did you find this bird?" she asks. "This place in the forest behind this house that Owen took me, why," you respond. "I think I know what type of bird this is. It... shouldn't be here," Stella says. "What?" you ask. Now she's got you confused.
  36. "I think... this bird belongs with the immortals," she says, "I thought I saw a picture of one like this in a book in the library. It was a picture of a portrait of the last Milia. A bird just like this was sitting on the guy's shoulder. Hold on." Stella closes her eyes and snaps her fingers once. A book pops out of thin air and lands on the table with a solid thump. Stella laughs, "I love being able to do that." Justin stares at the book, "If I had known you could do that, it would've been so much easier for me at the library."
  37. Stella thumbs through the pages of the book, until she finds the right page. "Here" she points at the page on the right where you see a picture of a guy who seems to be around Jack's age, late teens/early twenties, with jet black hair and icy, electric blue eyes. He's wearing a plain pale gold circlet around his head and blue tunic with silver detailing over a white shirt. However, the part of the picture that commands the most of your attention is the small, gray puffball of a bird painted on the guy's shoulder with its long, curling tail feathers draped on his tunic. The caption below the picture says, "Theodoric, Milia of the second millennium (1032-1426) and familiar, Anima"
  38. "I guess being semi-immortal lets you have a long life-span?" you ask, and Stella nods, "Yep, and the best part is that you don't show the aging as quickly. Being a Milia is supposed to make your life-span even longer. When I was looking through this book, I think I remember some crazy old geezer lived to like 723 or something because he was a Milia, but then he like tried to take on a woolly mammoth or something and lost." She shakes her head, "I ashamed to admit I even remember that. Oh, and you should probably have this book. It'll teach you some more things about the magical world, and better to learn it through this so that your training can focus more on developing your powers than this dry factual stuff that Justin loves for some reason."
  39. "Hey, knowledge is important," Justin defends himself, "And... that bird's name, I think it's Latin." "What does it mean?" you ask, interested, but Stella exclaims, "HOLD ON! I got an app for this!" She pulls out her iPhone, and she announces the meaning at the same time as Justin, "It's means 'spirit'" "Jinx! You owe me a soda," Justin laughs while Stella sticks a tongue out at him. "Hm, spirit..." you muse thoughtfully, looking at the picture again. With a chirrup, the bird lands on the page next to the picture, where it utters that heart-breakingly musical note again. The sound was the epitome of lonely sadness, and, even though you had no reason to be, you felt that sadness deep within you.
  40. Something glints by the bird and catches your eye. Looking closer, you see the glint again, and realize it's the sun hitting off of a feather on a wing of the bird where there seems to be something silver and reflective. You bent even closer and, with your immortal eye sight, you're able to see intricate silver swirl patterns on the feather in question. Backing up, you realize, three things: 1. the pattern covers the two wings of the bird 2. the patterns are twisting and moving in a rhythmic pattern 3. in the picture in the book, the artist obviously tried very hard to emphasize the wings of the bird with bold, silver paint strokes.
  41. "Um, Stella, Justin, " you begin, "Is there any way possible for a bird to live over a thousand years?" "If it's a phoenix, yeah, and there's some other animals that can live that long, " Justin says matter-of-factly. "Then I think I just realized something..."
  42. Oops, this one is even lengthier than the last part XP I got carried away writing... Anyway, I guess it's time to cut it off, so who do you like?

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