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Welcome to the twenty-fifth part of my first story quiz! This one is really long, and the next one will be too, sorry! Also, I decided to go with Kris a bit in this one, but Justin will show up soon.

Recap: You spent the day with Jack. You learned how to control air and earth and a summary about Jack's past. He kissed you, and if that wasn't enough, kept giving hints that he likes you. When you went to sleep, the white glow appeared again, calling your name.

Created by: xxblutixx

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  1. "_______," it repeats, "I know you're there; you might as well talk. "What do you want," you think, emitting a tone of unwelcomeness. The glow seems to come closer and closer until it's almost right next to you. You take a step away, and it steps forward. "_______," it says almost pleadingly, "What's wrong?" "What's wrong is that you, I don't even know fully who you are, keep disappearing and reappearing without explanation, and I don't even know why you're even messing with my dreams," you vent. "I would have thought it was obvious by now," it says quietly. "Well maybe it isn't," you retort bluntly. "Well, _______, what do you know about me? Let's start there," the voice tells you. The phrase rings a bell in your head, where have you heard that before?
  2. "I see the wheels turning in your mind," the voice comments, "I'll give you a day to think about it and come back tomorrow night. Until then, _______." Before you can protest, the glow fades away, and you wake up with your necklace glowing purple as always after dreams like that. You sigh, frustrated, but get up, stretching your crinkled wings, and go through your morning routine, the question of the voice's identity floating over your head. You walk downstairs... and collide into Owen because your mind is still thinking about your dream. "Oh, I'm sorry!" you apologize.
  3. "Oh, no," Owen says in that soothing voice of his, "I'm sorry, I didn't see you coming down the stairs. I should've gotten out your way." "No, it's okay, I wasn't paying attention; it was my fault," you tell him. "Don't blame it on yourself, it was partly my fault too," Owen says. "Okay, we can share the fault I guess," you laugh, and Owen smiles. "So where are you going, if you don't mind me asking," you inquire. "I just got here; I was going to see if Jack was in his room," Owen answers. You think, trying to recall what you saw when you passed Jack's room. "I don't think he's in there," you reply hesitantly, "I passed it on my way down here, and the door was open. I didn't see anyone."
  4. "Okay, I guess he's in the lab then," Owen says, turning around to go down the stairs, "Where are you going?" "Oh, I just woke up. I'm going to get some breakfast," you explain. Owen nods his head, and you two walk down the stairs together and into the living room. The first thing you notice when you get into the living room is the TV. It's on, but all it's showing is a bright blue screen with big white lettering. It reads: "Gone out to meet with Marisa's pack, tell Owen if he comes ~ Jack" "I guess I should've just came into this room first," Owen comments with a half-smile.
  5. You don't want to just leave him there, because you feel like that would be rude, so you offer, "You hang around with me if you want to until Jack comes." He seems to think about it for a bit before nodding and following you into the kitchen where you make some breakfast. He sits down at the dining table and seems content to keep quiet as you eat your food. With the silence, you find yourself alternatively examining him and then quickly staring down at your food so that he doesn't see you.
  6. Being in your immortal form, you notice a lot more about Owen then you did before. His hair isn't just brown. It's like a chesnut color with areas of a color that reminds you of caramel. He's wearing a plain white, long-sleeve sweater that fits him closely and it's thin enough to show the color of his skin slightly as well as the definition of his muscles through the fabric. As you follow the muscles of his arms up his neck to his chin, you make eye contact with him. You can tell he's been watching you examine him, and you look away quickly, blushing, embarrassed, and concentrating studiously on staring at your breakfast. In that second before you looked away, you did happen to notice that his hazel eyes are actually a warm, light-brown color that turns to an almost olive green around the outside of the iris.
  7. Thankfully, he doesn't bring it up. Curious, you raise your eyes to see if he's looking at you, and you make eye contact with him. He averts his eyes to look out the window, a blush creeping up his cheeks. Awkward... You get up to put your dishes away, and he stays there. When you come back, he's still looking out the window.
  8. "So," you begin, unsure where you're even going to talk about. Owen turns to look at you attentively. "Um, did you want to do anything, I mean you don't have to stay with me," you say. He shrugs, "I don't really have to do anything. It's just nice to be off duty and have some time where I'm not a mythical creature." "Do you have to stay in your immortal form?" you ask, grateful for a topic to talk about. "Yeah, it's part of my job," he explains, "Most of the people in Blake's team stay in that form anyway because it's a rough place. If you're not in immortal form, it's like asking for people to bully you."
  9. You nod, taking it in, and accidentally letting the conversation die again. "So, why are you in your immortal form, _______?" Owen asks, surprising you by bringing up a topic himself. "Oh, Jack says I need to get used to this form and that it'll make my wings grow out a bit, so I don't look like such a newbie on Saturday. "Yeah, he's right," Owen nods, "You look nice in it." As soon as the words leave he mouth, he blushes and tries to correct himself, "I mean, nice as in really pretty. I mean not like you're not when you're not like that. You look beautiful, anyway, but this is different. I mean I really like how you look normally too..." he trails off because he realizes he's babbling on, and you notice that he's blushing quite a lot.
  10. "Um... Can you just forget I said all that?" he requests, still seeming very embarrassed, and he adds on, "I mean, I meant what I said, just, um-" "Okay, it's fine, Owen," you cut him off, to save him from rambling. "Everything is just coming out of my mouth wrong today," he explains. "Happens to me too," you laugh, and decide to change to topic, "So how is the weather outside?"
  11. "Oh it's nice and warm. It really feels like summer is just around the corner," Owen says, and, surprisingly, he adds on, "Hey, um, did you want to take a walk with me? The weather is really great, and I know a nice place nearby here. I mean if you want..." "Okay," you agree, happy for something to do today, "Oh, I just need to change. Hold on for a bit, and I'll be right back." You rush up two flights of stairs and look in your closet for something suitable for going into the forest.
  12. After you throw on the clothes, you tie up your hair in a ponytail (unless you have really short hair) and put on some hiking boots you found in the closet. These guys really think of everything. You run down the stairs and meet up with Owen again in the kitchen. "Wow, you look ready for a serious hike, _______," Owen comments. You laugh, "Well I don't know where you're taking me, so I'm ready for anything." Owen smiles, "That's a good philosophy for life."
  13. You go out the back door with him and start walking beside him at a leisurely pace. He leads you to a half-obscured path in the semi-forest of Kris's backyard and holds back the branches for you as you step onto it. Once on the path, it's a lot clearer, and the trees even seem to be growing so as not to interrupt with the path. The path that you're walking on is pretty smooth considering it was only cleared dirt and wasn't paved. It's actually pretty pleasant, with the nice spring weather, just as Owen had said, as you stroll along beside Owen. Here, his untalkative nature doesn't feel awkward; it's nice to be able to enjoy the nature like this.
  14. After walking along for a while, Owen begins to whistle. He starts off really quietly, so quietly that, even in your immortal form, you thought at first you were imagining the whisper of sound. In time, he gets a little louder, and you realize that he's really good at this. It sounds like it has an actual tune to it. As he continues, a melody starts to take shape, and, inexplicably, it seems as if there are two pitches of whistling going on at the same time as if two people were whistling, yet only Owen is around. As the melody goes on, layers seem to be added on, each weaving seamlessly into the song and complimenting each separate, yet similar tune. Rustling of leaves blends into the song like maracas, but finally, you're curious where they're coming from and look up at the source. Birds. Dozens of little songbirds are fluttering about from tree to tree, each one is adding to Owen's music. The result is a lilting, flowing song that contains a few chords of bittersweet.
  15. You want to stop and take it all in. The sound of that song. It makes you want to close your eyes and sleep. It makes you want to sway and join in the song, but you refrain yourself, somehow sensing that magic is involved in all of this. You look over at Owen and see that he's stopped whistling, but the birds continue as they flutter and hop overhead. You find yourself very unwilling to speak as the song continues, though it sounds like it's getting quieter and simpler the farther you walk. When you step into a clearing, your eye is drawn to the center where a singular, strange, smooth, and young-looking tree stands, on top of which a soft gray bird is perched, singing its heart out in a single-bird solo. The song ends in a single, beautiful drawn out note, after which the bird closes its beak and covers itself as if going to sleep. The incoming silence feels suddenly unrealistic.
  16. Finally, you find your voice. "Is that- Was that your power?" you ask. "Yeah," Owen admits, "I didn't mean to do that. It's just a habit I have." "You're good at whatever that was," you tell him. He smiles embarrassed-like, "Um, thanks. I don't get to do that often, but it's sort of relaxing to me." You nod your head as you walk further into the clearing. It's as big as a small classroom and in no particular shape. The trees that grow around it seem to have grown in an arched manner so that their upper branches form a sort of roof that lets in greenish filtered light and rays of sun every so often. It seems so tranquil and natural, yet you can feel that somehow this was altered by magic. When you mention that to Owen, he tells you, "Yeah, I taught myself the earth element when I found this place, and I enhanced it a little. That tree was there just solitary like that though, and soon that bird decided to roost there. It's kind of unusual, but I've just left it there since it seems wrong to disturb it." He takes a deep breath, "It's nice to be back here. I haven't been back for a couple years because of my job."
  17. Owen sits down on the ground, but you decide to look at the bird. It doesn't move a centimeter as you get closer to it, even as your looming right over it. With its wing over its head, it looks like a little gray puffball of feathers with a curly feather tail. It really looks nothing like any bird that you've seen in the area. You extend your hand out cautiously to touch its feathers because they look so soft. As soon as you touch it, though, the wing comes down, and its small black eyes open to look at you quizzically. Before you can act, it opens its beak and utters a single note then flies to your shoulder where it perches and starts to peck at the chains of your necklaces.
  18. Owen looks up. "Wow, looks like you've made a new friend," he smiles, "I've never seen it leave that tree before." You pet the bird, noticing how smooth and fluffy they feel, and it ceases pecking to close its eyes and purr like a cat in contentment. Meanwhile, a bluebird comes seemingly out of nowhere, chirping excitedly and fluttering to Owen and away alternatively. "Hm, _______, I think Jack might be back," he says after watching the bluebird's movements for a minute, "I should go check." "Okay," you agree, "I'll come too. Let me just let this bird go." You turn back to the little white tree and try to encourage the gray bird to get back onto the branch. However, the bird seems to ignore your little encouragements and slight pushings. Eventually, you just lift it off of you and place it on the branch where it looks straight at you with such innocence in its eyes, you just want to pick it up again. You don't though and turn around to follow Owen through the forest on the path again. The way back to the house seems longer than it took to go to the clearing, though there isn't any chance of getting lost as Owen was with you and the path was quite distinct. After what seems like a very long time, you emerge from the forest and see Jack leaning up against the side of the house. As soon as he sees both of you, he walks towards you and you meet in the middle. "Hey, _______, had a good walk?" he smiles at you. "Yeah," you smile back. "So, Owen, ready to dicuss these plans?" Jack says, "I've been looking for Kris all morning, but no luck yet."
  19. The guys continue to discuss various plans as they head back to the house, and you follow behind them, spacing out from their conversation. You come back to attention when something gray flies right in front of you and lands, right on your shoulder, that bird followed you. "Shoo," you tell it, "Go home," but all it does is tilts its head slightly and look at you. "Home," you repeat prodding it away a little, "Go home." It hops over your finger and snuggles up to your neck. It looks like you're going to have to keep it for now. Looking around, you see that your little distraction with the bird took long enough that the guys aren't outside anymore; they've probably already reached at least the dining room by now. You begin walking again, but, before you can get very far, you're distracted again by a singular black feather floating down in front of you.
  20. You catch it and look up. The bird on your shoulder lets out a trill, and a person comes down from the sky, landing with their back towards you. You watch as they fold their large black wings and turn toward you...
  21. You open your mouth to say something, but all that comes out is his name, "Kris." He looks at you, seeming uncertain, and you notice his position looks like he's ready to launch off at any moment should it be necessary. You don't know whether you feel more relieved and happy that he's returned or angry and hurt that he left in the first place. "_______," he says simply in return. Unable to stand it, you rush over to him and hug him, finding tears gathering in your eyes.
  22. He looks at you, concerned, "_______?" "Don't you ever leave like that again," you exclaim, "I didn't know where you where were or if you were even coming back!" "I'm sorry I worried you, _______," he says, "I... I guess I just needed alone time to think through everything. I felt like I was out of control." "You could've left me a note at least," you say, your anger simmering down to feeling hurt. He bites his lip before he replies, "I guess I could've... I wasn't thinking very clearly when I left." One question bothers you, "If you weren't thinking clearly, did you really mean what you said to me?"
  23. Kris looks you straight in the eyes, "I meant everything that I've ever said to you, _______." "I missed you, Kris," you whisper. "I missed you too, _______," he murmurs back, "Will you ever forgive me?" "Maybe I'll consider it," you say, winking to let him know you're joking. He laughs lightly under his breath, "I'll find some way to make it up to you." You walk with Kris inside the house, but stop in the kitchen to make yourself some food since it's evening already while Kris goes to find Jack and Owen. Once you're done eating, you head upstairs and occupy yourself, until night comes since the guys are discussing plans, and Stella isn't at the house. The bird that followed you seems to have taken a liking to the baseboard of your bed and is perched there, seemingly going to sleep again. After getting ready for the night, you climb into bed and go to sleep.
  24. You're back in that dark place with the white glow. Again, it seems like the shape of the person is almost discernable. "Welcome back, _______," the voice greets you, "Had enough time, I hope?" Throughout the day, the puzzle of who this person was confused you, but now, it all seems to fit together. The mystery. The glowing necklace. The familiar voice. The comment about Jack. The strange autumn dream.
  25. "Blake, why have you been doing this?" you ask in your mind. The glow around him doesn't dim, but you can finally see through its light to see Blake. Platinum blond hair. Blue-gray eyes. White button-up shirt. Skinny jeans. "I was beginning to think that you'd never guess," he says, coming closer to you, but you back up, unsure of your safety in this place whether it be a dream or not. "Why?" you demand. "Shouldn't it be obvious, _______?" he asks.
  26. "Your identity was supposed to be too," you scoff, "I'm tired of guessing and playing your game. Tell me. Why do you bother with me like this when you could just kidnap or kill me and be done with it?" "My, as much as I have tried to be here for you, Jack still manages to have the stronger influence as has he always," Blake says, bitterness entering his tone as the corners of his mouth turn down in an expression of sadness. You say nothing in return, looking at him suspiciously and waiting for more of an answer.
  27. "Don't you see, _______? How can't you?" Blake bursts out, "This conflict is not one of morals as Jack keeps parading about. It's between me and him. He won't let me anywhere near you because it's me, not because I'll hurt you, but because he won't even chance anything that could end up in me getting a chance to spend time with you. This is the only way I can do it." "Why the secrecy then?" you ask. He looks down at the ground, "I needed to know that you were able to remember who I am, without the bad things." "The bad things are just as much a part of you, though," you say.
  28. He closes his eyes as if your comment hurt him, "They're bad decisions and rumors mixed. I may not have a spotless history, but _______, please believe me, I'm trying to be a better person. I'm trying to move past my mistakes." You bite your lip in indecision. He sounds sincere, but after all the other guys have said, you don't know whether it's a smart decision to give him another chance or not. He opens his eyes and looks up at you, hurt in his eyes, "I don't measure up to your precious Jack, do I?" "Blake-" you start, but you're cut off by an annoyed girl's voice, "Who are you talking to, Blake?" Another glow starts to form farther away.
  29. Blake looks surprised as if he was caught doing something bad. "S***" he curses, "Go, ______, wake up." You're too confused to do anything as the other glow approaches and his disappears. It takes shape as a redhead girl with hair to her waist and cool light blue eyes. She's wearing a white tube top and a long, flowing dark blue skirt. "A girl," she says disdainfully, looking you up and down, "That's why Blake's been using my power? To get into the dreams of this tramp?"
  30. "Excuse you, 'this tramp' can hear you," you glare at her with your mind already made up that you did not like this girl. "Oh you can? What an achievement for your sad life! You can add boy-stealing to your list too!" the girl exclaims in a very sarcastic tone. "Um, boy-stealing? What?" you say with an attitude, "I never asked for this. Nothing is happening." "Okay, play innocent. I'm going to make you wish you never set eyes on my man ever again." Whoever she is is lounging on the ground, and she snaps her fingers. This empty space starts to get darker and feel colder. "Sweet dreams, b****," she says in a sing-songy voice.
  31. Strong winds blow your hair into your face and make you fall over into water that's rising at an alarming rate as a result of unusually heavy rain. It's like a storm has found its way into this empty place. That girl is smiling, self-satisfied, at you, her hair blowing crazily around her head in the maelstrom, her eyes glowing dark indigo, and her skirt transformed into a dark blue mermaid's tail; she looks soulless and definitely scary. The water soon covers you all the way up to your neck and you desperately try to paddle to keep afloat as waves keep smacking you under the water.
  32. "Now, now, that won't do," the girl's voice croons as you feel her grab your ankle and begin dragging you deeper into the freezing water. Her nails dig into your skin, creating scratches that burn in the water. You scream noiselessly, allowing water to enter your lungs, choking you. The girl's face appears in front of you, smirking, "And just to think, this is just the beginning of a wonderful friendship between me and you. Ta-ta!" She disappears, leaving you alone in the cold, stifling darkness of the water. You try to swim upwards, but the pressure of the water pushing down on you is too much, and you feel yourself falling deeper into the murky depths of the water.
  33. You wake up suddenly, gasping for air, with your lungs burning as if you had really been underwater. You shiver, freezing, and wrap yourself in blankets as you check the time: 5:30 AM. It's the earliest you've gotten up recently, but you don't want to go back to sleep. You get up and realize something hurts when you put your foot down. There are red, fresh scratches on your ankle. No way. You must have scratched yourself by accident during your sleep or else it was from yesterday, and you just never noticed it. You limp to the bathroom and go through your morning routine, the very sound of water reminding you of the dream. Miserable, you go downstairs in whatever you wore to bed and pick up a Toaster Strudel from the kitchen.
  34. You munch on it as you walk over to the living room, thinking to turn on cartoons to distract yourself. The room is really dark, so you go over to the windows and open the blinds. "Ugh." You hear a groan and turn around to see a guy on the couch holding a pillow over his head to block out the newly entering sunlight. With his hair all mussed up like that, you almost don't recogize him, but with that jet black hair and lean figure, it has to be Kris. He shifts, probably to get comfortable again, but rolls off of the sofa with a thump.
  35. You hold back a giggle as he pushes himself up slowly, squinting in the bright light. "_______?" he asks sleepily, "What time is it?" You reply back, "Six I think, are you okay, Kris?" "In the morning?" he says, "What's up?" He runs a hand through his hair as if that will help him wake up. "Nothing, I was just going to watch the T.V. while I was eating," you explain, "Why were you sleeping out here?" He shrugs, "I was up late last night." "Oh, I'm sorry for disturbing your sleep then," you apologize and offer, "I can leave so you can get back." He shakes his head, "No, you can stay. I'll be fine." Kris stands up, stretches, and motions for you to take a seat.
  36. You limp over to the couch because the scratches are still bothering you, and Kris notices, "_______, is your leg hurt?" You shake your head, "No, I just have some scratches on my ankle. They just sting." He gestures for you to your leg on the sofa, and you obey. With his cool fingers, he examines the scratches, lightly tracing their path. Though he barely touches your skin, the effect is soothing to the stinging scratches, and they look less aggravated. "When I wake up a little more, I'll go into my immortal form and completely heal that for you," he says. "Thanks, but you don't have to," you tell him, remembering how tired he was the last time he healed you. "Like I said last time," he responds, a hint of a smile playing around his mouth, "I want to."
  37. "So where did you get those scratches from?" he curiously asks. "I actually don't quite know," you confess, "It might have been from the hike I took yesterday in the forest with Owen, and I just didn't realize it. Or I could've accidentally scratched myself during the night because I had a nightmare." "What was your nightmare about?" Kris asks. Uh oh. How much can you tell him without mentioning Blake's visits? Or should you just come clean and admit it all?
  38. Since this part is getting long, I think that's where I'll leave off. So, who do you like? (I made 6 results this time, so, if you were planning to choose undecided or none of the above, you can skip this question)

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