Don't leave me hanging part 16

Welcome to the sixteenth part of my first story quiz! If you haven't read the others, you might want to. I'm not sure why, but part 15 didn't show up on the new quizzes list, so please take that if you haven't already. I'm REALLY sorry that this part took so long... me and my procrastinating :P

Recap: Jack and Kris distracted Logan and his wolves so that Cory could change into his winged form and help you fly away. However, Logan had one of his wolves call up a supernatural thunderstorm that threatens to drag you right back to him.

Created by: xxblutixx

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  1. Just when you're sure you can't hang on any longer, someone grabs your left arm and pulls you to move forward, fighting against the wind. With their help, you can fly forwards and Cory is able to have a firmer grip on your arm. You look to your left to see that it is Kris helping you with Jack leaning on his shoulder and beating his one giant wing to provide more power.
  2. "Dive," Jack shouts, his voice nearly lost in the angry howling of the wind. Simultaneously, you all tuck in your wings and dive to escape the majority of the storm's power. The sky flashes with lightning, and you hear Cory yelp just before a deafening thunderclap drowns out all other sound. Cory lurches and begins to cough. His wings diminish and disappear. When you look into his panicking eyes, you realize that somehow the lightning was able to bring him out of his magical form.
  3. His weight pulls you down drastically, but you know you can't let go because you're way too far from the ground. You snap out your wings and start to beat them almost frantically, but you alone have almost no effect. Kris and Jack have somewhat slower reactions as they spread their wings and try to slow the fall. Jack, especially, is straining, trying to pull everyone up.
  4. It seems like your efforts are working because you're not falling so fast anymore, but then, something changes. You and the guys are falling again, twice as fast as before. You look over to see what's wrong and see that Jack isn't fighting anymore. He's hanging, seemingly unconcious, and only saved from falling by Kris holding onto his arm.
  5. With two people weighing you down, it's even harder to fight against the wind's pull, let alone keep yourself from falling. You begin to feel overwhelmingly tired again, and your head feels like its spinning. You can hear Kris's labored breathing as he struggles to lift you all up. You want to help him, but you just can't find the energy to beat your wings one more time.
  6. Kris looks at you, and it feels as though an electric shock passes through your arm followed by a heat wave going in the opposite direction, towards Kris. You see he looks shocked for a second, and that second-long lapse in his concentration causes him to stop beating his wings. With only your slow, weak wingbeats, you and the guys tumble messily towards the ground. The wind pulls you apart from Cory and Kris, and you can't see anything between the rain, darkness, and speed that you're falling.
  7. You hit the ground, hard, and lay there, half-concious. After some amount of time, you start to wonder, how is it that you're even alive when you've fallen from such a high distance. You push yourself up into a sitting position with your right hand, gritting your teeth when you feel a spike of pain shoot up your arm as a shard of glass further presses into your skin. You're sore all over, and you feel dizzy and sluggish as you look around to see what happened to the guys.
  8. There's a figure lying on the ground not that far from you, so you crawl over on your arms. You avoid pressing too hard on your glass-embedded right arm which hurts so much that you can't feel anything else but pain in that area. When you get there, you see Cory. You move his rain-soaked black hair out of his face. His eyes are closed, but, leaning in, you can see that he's still breathing.
  9. You raise your head to look at your surroundings. Everything seems blurred around the edges because of the rain, but you can make a few basic features out. There's a forest behind you, probably the one you just left and an open plain to your right with no buildings in sight. Even if you felt strong enough to move, there wouldn't be much of a point anyway since neither scene seemed very helpful. Across the plain, you can see two dark smudges. You stare at them, and, sure enough, they are definitely heading your way. Who or what they are, though, you can't tell.
  10. Even if you had wanted to scream for help, your throat feels too sore to yell loud enough. It wouldn't do you any good anyway since it seems like whatever is coming towards you already knows you're here which means hiding is pointless too. You shift yourself into a defensive position in front of Cory, readying fire power just below your palms in case you need it.
  11. As the shapes come closer, you can see that they're people. One is a girl with white wings and platinum blond hair. You recognize her immeadiately as Stella. The person next to her is a very dark figure wearing all black, with dark black hair, and black wings. It could only be Kris. You're so happy to see them; you could dance, if only you didn't feel so sore from falling.
  12. "Kris! Stella!" you try to shout out, but only a raspy whisper comes out. You struggle to push yourself to stand up and succeed as they reach you. "_______!" Stella exclaims, seeming slightly out of breath. She hugs you tightly, "I came as soon as Kris found out where you all were. I was just in time to slow all of your falls. Let's just say it wasn't the easiest job. It took longer than I thought it would, a lot a concentrations too. But I'm rambling. Sorry, sorry, sorry. How are you? I feel so bad I couldn't have done more. It took so long just to get myself ready. Oh, is your arm okay? It looked like you hit it hard. I don-" "Stella," you interrupt, "I'm fine. I'm so glad to see you!" You let go of Stella and hug Kris. He flinches away from you with a pained expression. "_______..." he protests, hardly moving his lips.
  13. It seems like he's trying not to breathe. Suddenly, you realize what's bothering him. Blood. Your blood is painting your arm scarlet. You let go of Kris awkwardly, and he steps back, looking ashamed and pained. He puts a hand to his left side, wincing. Stella looks over at him worried, "Kris, we have to get you back to the house, my mom needs to take care of you." Kris just shakes his head, "No, get Cory and find Jack first." Stella steps up to him, her hands glowing with a white light as she runs them over him.
  14. "Kris," she says in a concerned voice, "You have at least one broken rib, a sprained ankle, and your right wing is all twisted. Go. Home." He refuses again, and she sighs dramatically, "Your stubbornness is going to work against you, and you're going to end up scarred like my brother. Kris seems unimpressed by the warning. "Fine, it's your own well-being," Stella says as she examines Cory, "I'll be back." With that, she teleports away with Cory, leaving you and Kris standing awkwardly a few yards apart.
  15. "Sorry," he murmurs, the sound barely traveling over the fury of the thunderstorm. "No," you disagree, "I'm sorry. I forgot about the blood. I made things difficult for you." Kris's gaze intensifies, "_______. It's not your fault." An intense silence follows, only to be broken by Justin arriving and stepping right between you two. "Where's Stella," he pants, sounding like he just ran a marathon.
  16. "I found Jack," he continues, "I think he needs help. Immeadiately." Kris, who was staring over Justin's shoulder at you, suddenly snaps his attention to Justin. "Where," he states in a monotone rather than asking. Justin points, apparently still out of breath, and Kris sprints off before you can react. Worried about Jack's condition and Kris's reaction, you run after him, arriving at the spot where Jack was lying nearly at the same time.
  17. Blood. It's almost all you can see. Jack is covered in it, and the rain has diluted some of it into a pool of scarlet surrounding his unconscious form. There's so much blood, you can't tell where it's coming from. You start to feel dizzy, whether because you're repulsed by all the blood, your own loss of blood, or all this physical activity, you're not sure, but the beginnings of what promises to be a huge headache start in your head.
  18. You see Kris shudder and take a few shaky steps back. Realizing how much his vampire nature is affecting him, you can only guess at the kind of struggle he's going through. Your vision seems to get kind of hazy as a white glow appears. Blinking a couple of times, you recognize it as Stella. You see her eyes widen in shock, and her mouth falls open in an "O". "Jack..." she whispers.
  19. Without warning, Kris spins around and runs. His departure semms to bring Stella back to her senses. "I'll be back. Stay here with him," she says. Before you completely understand what's going on, she's gone, running off as quickly as the part-elf she is. Not knowing what else to do, you kneel by Jack, ignoring the copious amounts of blood; you're already covered in your own blood anyway.
  20. As you wait for Stella to come back, everything seems to be made of weird, blurry shapes. The swiftly falling rain is definitely not helping. It makes it look as if the whole scene is spinning and tilting, threatening to fall on you. You grab Jack's hand for stability because it feels like your going to fall off the face of the earth. The world around you tilts and twirls as if you were in one of those crazy tea cup rides except this one was at least 100 times worse. You close your eyes, but it only makes you feel like you're falling into a black hole as you fall unconscious to the ground.
  21. Who do you like?

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