Don't leave me hanging part 15

Welcome to the fifteenth part of my first story quiz! If you haven't read the others, you might want to. I'm really sorry that this one was supposed to come out so much earlier, but it was delayed by school :/

Recap: You talked to Justin a bit before going to rest to wait for night. While sleeping, you had a strange nightmare that you can't quite recall. Stella and Justin are assigned to bring the stuff back to Kris's house while you walk there with the other boys. The journey is uneventful until a pack of werewolves led by Logan encircle your group.

Created by: xxblutixx

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  1. "That's me," Logan walks out of the shadows to face your group, his expression exactly what you expected. His whole attitude was cocky, as if sure of victory, but you were determined not to let that happen. Burning that derisive smile off of his face seemed like a good start, and you begin to gather your fire within you.
  2. "Jack, it's been too long since I last saw you," Logan declares and stops for a moment to pretend to think, "I believe the last time was right after you set fire to the headquarters... and got that scar of yours." Jack flinches as if the very words caused him to feel his injury all over again. Angered, you can feel the fire strong within you and start to travel it down to your fingers when something cool is pressed up against the palm of your hand.
  3. You look down at the object that was just passed to you by Kris. It's a vial. Filled with bluish liquid, it looks strangely familiar. You rack your brains to remember. It must've shown up sometime in the last few days because it glows with a silverish magical light.
  4. Cory's tail brushes against your leg, and, suddenly, you remember where you last saw a vial like this. It was after you decided to live at Kris's house. You were confused about magical forms, so Cory had taken out a vial just like this one to demonstrate his form to you. You tap Cory's hind leg gently with the vial to get his attention while hoping none of Logan's wolves notice, but they're all concentrated on Logan and Jack."What happen?" Logan says scornfully, "Is Jack 'the tough guy' hurt?"
  5. Cory turns around as Jack says to Logan, "Maybe because I fight my own battles instead sitting back coward-like while I send other people to do my dirty work for me." "You want to see me fight my own battles?" Logan roars, grabbing Jack by the neck and pinning him against a tree. As if he were expecting it, Jack almost immeadiately pushes back Logan with a burst of air and fire which only serves to infuriate Logan further.
  6. Logan attacks Jack, and chaos erupts as some of his werewolves, unable to stand waiting anymore, jump into the fight. Kris flares out his ebony wings, flinging a few unsuspecting wolves backwards, and joins too. You stare in dismay at all the enemies until Cory nudges your hand holding the vial with his nose, and you realize that this was all part of the plan to distract Logan.
  7. Quickly, you open the vial and pour its contents into Cory's waiting mouth. He swallows and morphs into his fallen angel form. You start to ask him what's next, but he grabs your arm and pulls you out of the way just in time to shield you against the leaping attack of a giant gray werewolf.
  8. The collision sends Cory down on the ground with the wolf on top of him, trying to bite at his neck, while you are put off balance and end up falling down. The empty vial in your hand breaks from the impact, and some of the glass shards are driven into your hand, arm, and side. You have no time to dwell on your injury, though, because another werewolf, this one tan, grabs your left leg and attempts to drag you away as Cory is preoccupied with wrestling the gray wolf.
  9. Your wings crumple and twist painfully behind you as the wolf drags you along, so you flip over on your stomach, clawing at the earth to try and stop the wolf's progress. Your hand comes in contact with a stone, and you turn around to throw it at the wolf. It manages to evade your attack, leaping at you with its mouth open in a snarl. You shield yourself with your hands, accidentally letting loose the power stored under your palm. The power comes out as a burst of fire that hits the wolf, setting it on fire, unnaturally quickly. Yowling, it runs arond aimlessly throughout the fight.
  10. Turning to the wolf on top of Cory, you let loose your power again, this time hoping for something a little less volatile that you can control. The result is a long, fluid stream of fire that waves in the air, but is still connected to you. You realize what you've just created. A whip of fire. In your mind, you have a split second flashback from your dream of a neverending strand of fire, burning away the scenery.
  11. Shaking your head to clear your mind of the memory, you lash out at the wolf with your fiery weapon, leaving a line of flames on the wolf's side. With a howl of anger, it lauches itself at you, and you flick your whip at it. The whip seems to have a life of its own as it extends and wraps, one, two, three times around the body of the wolf. You watch as the wolf's eyes turn a frighteningly full, bright magenta purple. It shudders and morphs into a guy with long black hair and hazel eyes. He stares in disbelief at you for a fragment of time before he dissapates into gray ash and dark, but thin, purple smoke that vanishes quickly.
  12. You stare in shock at the place where the guy just was. Your whip disappears, but you don't notice. All you can think about is the last expression on the guy's face. It was disbelief, but, in it, you also saw fear. It was that that held you in shock, fear. Fear of yourself.
  13. Cory wraps an arm around your waist, holding you close to him. "It's time we got out of here, _______. We're only four people; we can't hold them off much longer," Cory stops and leans back to look at your expression, "_______... _______!"
  14. Cory looks at you in concern, "_______, are you all right?" You shake you head, "We need to go. Let's just get away from here." "Okay, _______. We're going to fly out because none of Logan's forces have the ability to fly. Now your wings aren't fully grown yet, so I'm going to help you fly out of here. You're going to have to use those wings, though, because... well to be honest, I don't have that much practice flying either," Cory explains.
  15. Before you can get yourself ready, Cory pushes up off the ground and starts to beat his wings. "Feel free to step in any time now," Cory says straining to keep both of you in the air. You have no idea where to start, but somehow, you manage to move the right muscles and feel the wind that your wings are creating in the still night air.
  16. Someone emits a scream of pain, but you can't look down for fear of losing focus and falling. However, the anxiety weighs on you, and you can't help worrying if it was Kris or Jack. By now, you and Cory have reached the top of the trees, almost about to pierce the canopy of their leaves. Already your muscles, unaccostumed to being used this way, feel tired, and your wing-beats begin to lag behind Cory's. "_______, come on, we have to keep going," Cory says, desparation evident in his voice.
  17. You know you have to keep going, but you feel like you just can't. Each beat of your wings feels like lifting a boulder. You're just so exhausted. You wonder how bad it would be to be with Logan. At least when you were in his dungeons you didn't have to work this hard.
  18. You feel something ice-cold touch your back, right between your wings, and it feels as if it goes right through you, piercing your chest, yet turning into an inexplicably hot sensation. The feeling spreads throughout you, and, for some reason, you feel a surprising surge of energy that allows you to keep rising through the air.
  19. Logan's frustrated snarl comes from below, "Fly away all you want, birdies, but you won't ever escape me because _______, YOU'RE MINE!" You gasp and falter for a second when a flashback of merciless gray eyes wrapped in fire from your dream flashes in your mind, but Cory's strong arm keeps you aloft. You think you can just hear Logan say something else in a quieter voice, but you can't concentrate on that because your attention is focused on the sky which is now filled with dark stormy clouds where there had been none before.
  20. You feel the wind picking up, and it becomes more difficult for you to beat your wings. "S***," Cory curses, "That son of a b****!" One of the clouds illuminates for a second, lightning passing through it. It is followed with a loud, crackling rumble of thunder that echoes and shakes your entire body to its core. Cory adjusts so that you are next to him. Because your right hand still has glass shards embedded into it, you have to rely on him to hold your right arm.
  21. Rain starts. Big droplets of water splash on you, drenching you in only a matter of seconds. Where the the water hits your cuts from the broken glass, it stings. To make matters worse, the wind's ferociousity picks up even more, and now it howls as it blows, knotting up your hair, creating resistance against your wings, and pulling you back from where you just came from. You can't fight the pull of the wind. Your arm is slipping from Cory's grasp. Desperately, you grab onto his arm, ignoring the pain as glass embeds itself further into the skin of your hand.
  22. The wind continues to pull you backwards, and your hand slips down Cory's arm, dragging and cutting him. Neither of you lets go, but the wind is too much and you're only able to resist it by holding onto Cory's hand. You're only hanging on by your fingers now, slipping from Cory's grasp. "Hang on," you see Cory mouth, but you can't hear anything, the wind is too loud, screeching victoriously.
  23. Who do you like?

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