Don't leave me alone part 4

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Hey! This is part 4 of my series called don't leave me alone! Here are the guys!!! Chase: black flippy hair, blue eyes. Jamie: flippy brownish blondish hair, green eyes. Jake: flippy brown eyes, brown eyes. Luke: flippy dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes.

Here's what happened in part 3. Jamie and Jake woke up from being knocked out. Jake explained that the guy is looking for you, until you asked where Chase was. All of the sudden all of you hear a gun shot.

Created by: MoonLight23

  1. "Oh sh--." Jamie says. "Come on! We gotta see if Chase is okay!" you ordered. All of them nodded their heads. As all of you walk around you see Chase on the ground!
  2. Jake looked around and saw no one, not even the guy. You kneel down to Chase and see that someone shot him in the stomach. "If that guy done that, he's dead." Luke says. "Yeah... I wonder if he's alive." you wondered. "Hope so." Jake said shaking Chase, "Chase?" Chase sat up, you looked at his stomach and it was bleeding real bad.
  3. "Did that guy shoot you?" Jamie asks. "Yeah. He saw me running then just shot me." Chase says looking at his stomach. You heard footsteps, "F--- f--- f---!" you thought to yourself. The guys heard it too, Luke turns around and see's Allison. Luke whispers to all of you, "There's Allison. Don't tell her about the magic." Luke ordered, the rest of you nodded your heads. Allison looked at Chase, "What happened?!" she asked freaked out. "Chase got shot." Jake says. "By who?" she asks. "Uhh we don't know." Jamie said.
  4. "Um okay?" she says, "So why are you guys here?" she asked. All of you looked at each other, "We..-" Chase says, "-We decided to take a nice walk through the woods." Jake said finishing the sentence. "Why are you here?" Luke asks. "Same as you guys.." Allison said, "Well I better get home its almost 11, bye." Allison says walking away. "We should too." you say. All of you got up and you and Jake helped Chase. As y'all were walking, someone stopped all of you.
  5. It was just Allison. "I know you all are hiding something, tell me." she says. "Fine. Me, Jake, Jamie, and Chase are magical. Now since we told you were even in more danger." Luke explains. "Wow. So who shot Chase?" she asks. "This guy who keeps trying to kill us." Jake says. "Now he's gonna kill me too?! Great just great." she says. "Your the one who wanted to know!" Jamie says.
  6. "Well yeah.." she says. "hey we better get going." you say. All of you arrived at Chase's house. Jamie opens the door and all of you went inside. Once all of ya sat down Chase suddenly passes out. "Chase!" you shout. "Uh one question..was he still bleeding?" Allison asks. "F---." Jake says. "We need to take him the hospital." Luke explains.
  7. The rest of you nod your heads and got into Luke's red mustang.
  8. As Luke drives, y'all arrive at a hospital and brung Chase inside. Jake explains what happened and the doctors take him in. The doctors was done and walked out. The doctor said..
  9. Cliffhanger!

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