Don't click this quiz!

Hey guys are having problems. it wasn't wolf scent. the ginger she is not an option for a long day of the scratches were too deep and he... Lol I didn't know he died!

Don't click here I'm telling you you can't click here oh wait you already did! *Growls* woah your quiet stupid! I said quiet instead of quite haha my bad.

Created by: RubyHeart

  1. I told you, not to click on this quiz! What were you thinking?
  2. Okay, you can't leave now, do the whole quiz, because you are stupid for clicking it.
  3. I bet you won't get over 0 percent! I can't tell why
  4. You will PAY for clicking this! Its named, 'Don't click this quiz' so... you click it? Woah
  5. You are a very bad, bad person.
  6. I'm disapointed
  7. This is challenging! There is ways to get above 0 percent!
  9. Grrr
  10. Bye

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