Does the Girl you Love/Like Love/Like you back?

There are many people who wanted to find out if they're crush likes them or not. But when they go to google, they're not confident. They don't trust the websites. Don't trust this Quiz and you're wasting a chance of your life! So now, Quick! Do this quiz and find out!

Do you have a Crush? Well, unless you're GAY or LESBIAN, certainly, you'll have one. Maybe it all started because in class and you saw this girl, and you thought that she was pretty so you decided to like her. Maybe, well, enough with the reading and talking, take the QUIZ!

Created by: Simeon Yu

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does she lend you items when you are in need of them?
  2. Is she a girl that only likes boys that are RICH?
  3. Does she stare at you in Class?
  4. Does she talk to you only?
  5. Is she in a relationship?
  6. Other than studies, does she talk to you about other things?
  7. Does she get annoyed sometimes when you call her a couple of times just because you want to feel happy when she talks to you?
  8. Does she tell you jokes sometimes?
  9. How long (average) does she talk to you a day?
  10. Can't wait for your results? It's easy! Last question! Are you confident that she likes you? (Doesn't count in the results though ;). )

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