Does your crush like you

There are many people who often question wether or not there crush likes them so if your one of those people... you have come to the right place......

Do you question it that much that you sometimes look it up but don't know wether you should trust it or not 'umm do I trust it is it telling me the truth or not' well I will tell you the absolute truth I promise

Created by: MH pk kid

  1. Does your crush hang around you a lot
  2. How does your crush act around you
  3. Does your crush try to make you laugh
  4. Does your crush act hard and cool around you
  5. Do you really like this person not just for there looks but there personality don't make the wrong choice
  6. What do you think about this quiz and it's questions so far
  7. Do you think your crush likes you
  8. Oh no the quiz is over you are about to find out wether or not your crush likes you what do you do
  9. Just kidding this quiz ain't over yet. Do you have things in common
  10. Have you found this quiz helpful. No matter what the result is do not change yourself never ever no matter what you are beautiful just the way you are ... how do you feel

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you