is he/she into you?

there are many people who wonder if their crush likes them. the stress of not knowing if they feel the same way about you as you feel about them can be awful! many people are always wondering that same question "do they like me?" but we all find out sooner or later.

does your crush like you? do you two have the correct chemistry to make it as a couple? until now you could only wonder what the answer to that question is. but thanks to this quiz, you have to wait no longer!

Created by: Aria

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  1. does he/she act shy or nervous around you?
  2. does he/she say hi to you in the halls?
  3. does he/she stare at you and then look away when you look over at them?
  4. does he/she get dressed up when you see them?
  5. does he/she ever compliment your looks?
  6. does he/she talk louder or do strange things to get your attention as you walk by?
  7. do you ever hang out outside of school/work?
  8. does he/she make eye contact with you?
  9. does he/she text or call you first?
  10. does he/she talk about themselves more or about you more when having a conversation?
  11. does he/she seem awkward or acts strange around you?
  12. is he/she always touching you?
  13. does he/she ever flirt with you?
  14. does he/she try to seem interested in the same things you are interested in?
  15. does he/she walk close to you?
  16. do you know if he/she likes somebody else too?

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