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  • Thanks! I asked my crush to the dance at my school and she immediately said yes and hugged me but I still wasn't convinced. I've been searching online all night to find more and more tests about this subject. I'm proud to say that I will be telling her I like her at the dance. P.S.i loved this quiz and I got the result that she really likes me!

  • Does She Like You? (For Lesbians or Bisexuals)

    Your Result: She REALLY likes you

    She is probably not straight and probably crushing on you just as much as you are on her. Definitely make a move, if you think she is the right person. This could go places (:

    ^-^ Thank you for making a quiz like this.

    • Once I called her Jaddy by accident and got flustered. That's when I finally noticed Oh I like her. That a weird way to find out (I was in denial before that.) I really want to talk to her more but god I'm nervous Also shes one of the smart kids and I'm one of the idiots. I can't remember anything and shes doing good in all her classes that why I still nervous to become more than friends. What if she thinks I'm an idiot . But still this little quiz gave me more confidence so thank you quiz maker

      Eddy DD
  • Ive been friends with her for few years and like a year ago i started developing a crush. I thought she was straight, turns out shes not but the problem is she likes another girl and I highly doubt she sees me that way :((

  • Thank you soo much for this! it made my day so much better. I asked my crush out after I took it and she said yes!!! there is such a lack of content for this, you have done a great service to all the beautiful lesbians out here! thank you for who you are and what you do~ xoxo pinky

  • i really like this girl but idk if she likes me she tries a lot of way to get as close as possible to me but I don't know because she said she was dating someone when one of my friends ask but she only had came out to me at the time but imp not sure and she was say the she was dating the person for 9 months the 8 months the she said 2 year all within the span of two week ????

    thatone gaygril
  • This test was great, I have been friends with her for a year now, and had a "boyfriend" only to realize I am lesbian. I am still doing research but am 50 percent sure she actually likes me.

  • I really like this girl, and she likes me (according to this test.) I'm gonna ask her out!

  • Thanks this helped figure out my emotions! :)

  • yea she likes me and we are actually dating

  • Nice\!

    • IT SAID SHE REALLY LIKES MEFHJGYKS! I'm excited because when she was putting on my eyeliner earlier, I was very nervous because we've never been that close to each other!! She gave me a nickname, it's "dobby" and I find it so cute! I really think she likes me, hopefully, she does! I might tell her that I like her tomorrow. Maybe not. IDK! UGH FML! Anyway thanks for this quiz!

    • You effeminately should!

  • she likes you 89%

    wait what if the person I like sees this comment...(;)


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