Does he like you? (Not another stupid one)

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Ok so here is my story. Theres this guy I really like. Since kindergarden. So its pretty big. We act like best friends to the naked eye but really I think its more.

We work alot in clas together. Walk around the halls together, and more. We have fun:D I hope thing work out with us... he is really shy. And around him.. I am to :)

Created by: Quiztogo

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Doee he talk to you?
  2. Does he blush around you?
  3. Does he ever grab your arm, leg, hand, sholder in a play-ish kind of way.
  4. Is he shy around you?
  5. Does he ever talk about other people dating around you?
  6. Does he ever work with you at school?
  7. You______(hight) Him_______(hight) ?
  8. Does he date?
  9. Have you herd people say he like you?
  10. Does he go to church? (Not ramdom)
  11. You know his parents/brother/sister?

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