The Stupid Test

As we know, there's many spart people out there. But there's also some stupid ones, in fact, there's a test made specifically for those stupids out there.

Are you stupid or not? Well this test might be the only way to fiure it out, try to answer some very easy questions (well atleast for the average amount of people), and see how stupid you are!

Created by: Dylan

  1. What has 4 legs?
  2. What is 1+1?
  3. How many times can 3 go into 9?
  4. Are you currently using any electronic device?
  5. How many letters are in this sentence? "I am cool."
  6. Does this make cents?
  7. What is this test called?
  8. How many guitars are in a guitar solo?
  9. What does this # mean?
  10. How many questions are there?
  11. .sdrawkcab siht daeR "I suck."
  12. Five times five equals...
  13. Is this sentence true or false? "Two plus two equals four."

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