I.Q. Determinant Survey

Yeah, so here before you is a test of wit, intelligence, and... not much else... well, maybe a bit of luck. This test will present you with a unique oppertunity for instant feedback. In taking this test, you will figure out just how 'smart' I think you are.

I know everyone loves to know what everyone else thinks about them. So, I'm giving you a chance, right now, to turn back. If you're stupid, this test WILL prove it, and a scathing review will be given.

Created by: murc

  1. A dog, standing on all fours, can tilt it's head upward allowing it to look up.
  2. Chickens have no knees.
  3. Choose the right way of saying this: Eating babies isn't so not cool.
  4. If hatred is malice, and hatred is a strong word, then malice must also be a strong word.
  5. The first lyric in our national anthem is in the form of a question(Don't look this up).
  6. Barack Obama will raise taxes, because that's what liberal democrats want to do.
  7. Highway 365 starts in downtown Port Neches and runs way the hell out there somewhere.
  8. What's 6 times a billion?
  9. What's the worst thing that happened to me this week?
  10. What's the best thing that happened to me this week?

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