Does He like You

Do you have this one crush and just want to know if he likes you to? What are you going to to do? how will you ever find out? Do you know him well enough for him to even possibly like you?

Do you want to find out, if he really likes you? Then take this quiz to know!!!!! This quiz is meant for tweens and young teens. Find out if it is your destiny to be together!!!!!

Created by: kelly

  1. Does he stare at you?
  2. what does he do when he passes u in the hall?
  3. if you sat near him at lunch he.....
  4. Does he treat you like a friend?
  5. Does he try to impress you?
  6. Does he act different around you than most girls?
  7. You congradulate him on shooting a good basket he...
  8. How much do you talk to him
  9. Do you think he likes you. Be honest
  10. These questions are for early teens and tweens. If you are older, these questions aren't good to find out if he likes you. tell me your age.

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