does he like you?

Do you want to find out if you're crush likes you?? Maybe its your best guy friend that you seem to have fallen for, or maybe it's someone you've never talked to before!! Take this quiz to find out!

How do you know if your crush likes you for sure?? Take this quiz to find out!! De-code his texts and body language to find out if he really likes you!

Created by: sophie

  1. how long have you known each other?
  2. when you tell a joke (even if its stupid), does he laugh?
  3. what does he do when he sees you
  4. do you ever talk or text?
  5. are you comfortable around each other?
  6. why do you like him?
  7. do you go to school together, and if so, how often do you see each other/ talk to each other
  8. when you text him, how does he respond?
  9. if you texted him "whats up?", how would he repsond?
  10. If you ask him to hang out, how would he respond?
  11. are you close friends?

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