What Kind of Tween Girl are you? (GIRLS 8 -14 ONLY)

What do kids your age think of you? So, what are you? A wannabe, a popular girl, a everyday normal person, or something else?

Take this test and see what you are! :) For tweens by a tween. All you have to do is answer 21 questions to get a result. So what are you waiting for! Answer as truthly as you can please.

Created by: a tween :)
  1. Hey! Which sounds lyk how ur pals are?
  2. What do you do the first thing when you get home after skewl?
  3. Your hair is usually:
  4. How often do you go on FB?
  5. What do you usually wear on a regular day?
  6. Wut gadget do u have or are usually using?
  7. What is your fav color?
  8. How many kids are in your usual group of friends at skewl?
  9. OK, so ur class is playing dodge ball in gym class. Ur usually:
  10. What movies do you usually see?
  11. Ur at a party! You request the DJ to play:
  12. What do you watch the most?
  13. Not trying to be nasty, but training bra, sports bra, or cups?
  14. What do you think is a perfect summer vacation?
  15. When you have a boyfriend, how long does it last?
  16. What's your type of boy?
  17. How old are your friends?
  18. What do you read?
  19. Describe yourself:

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Tween Girl am I? (GIRLS 8 -14 ONLY)