Does She Like You? (shy girls)

Many guys wonder whether the shy girl in class likes them, since she's been dropping mixed signals since the first day of school. Shy girls' minds don't work like outgoing girls'. They have completely different personalities, therefore different ways of showing their like/dislike for a person.

So, does the shy girl in your class like you? Have you been wondering for a while? This quiz should help you find out. Please answer all the questions as accurately as possible, as they do affect your outcome.

Created by: Appalachia96
  1. Does she make eye contact frequently?
  2. How does her behavior change when you're around?
  3. When you two are talking, does she look you in the eyes?
  4. Does she talk to her friends about you?
  5. Does she bite her lip when talking to you?
  6. Ahh, the dreaded question...what is your favorite color?
  7. Do you think she likes you?
  8. When you pass her/she passes you, how does she greet you?
  9. When you talk, what do you talk about?
  10. Finally, did you like this quiz?

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