How Popular Are You (For Tween and Teen Girls)

Are you popular or weird? Are you a nerd or cheerleader? Take this quiz to find out who you are, how to change and learn some new stuff you’d never know otherwise!

It’s only 20 questions that will pay off. After a while, there just HAS to be something you’ll learn about yourself. If you get something you don’t like ok! I’m giving ways to change in your answers. Let’s get started!

Created by: Jennifer Braham
  1. How many people are you friends with
  2. When do you do homework
  3. where do you sit
  4. What’s your dream
  5. Do people know who you are
  6. Do friends call you fashionable
  7. Do BOYS like you
  8. Are you mean
  9. Good grades effects how people see you, so what are yours
  10. Your friend Hannah invited you to the mall the same Saturday and time your crush wants to see a movie together you...
  11. Where do you live
  12. Have you ever kissed somebody
  13. From 0-10 percent are you rich
  14. Do you want to be popular
  15. Glasses air braces
  16. What’s your clothing style
  17. What’s you BEHAVING style
  18. How epic are your birthdays
  19. When it’s free time...
  20. Did you enjoy this quiz

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Quiz topic: How Popular am I (For Tween and Teen Girls)