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  • 64! hey. it is above the 50. good luck girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fireheart344 Aug 9 '15, 4:58AM
  • he likes me SORTA:)

    Lola529 Jul 1 '15, 1:33PM
  • It said he likes you 79%

    Dorkgirl14 Dec 21 '14, 11:39PM
  • 97% yay!!!!!!!!!!

    Divergentlover Feb 1 '14, 12:11PM
  • He likes you 85%! :)

    Btw, could you guys take my quiz?

    FloraFauna46 Jun 20 '13, 8:27AM
  • 99% good luck girl!

    pippyls Jan 3 '13, 8:48AM
  • he totally likes you ! and Angela you sound like a really nice person. I bet he likes for that reason.

    im a singer 8 Dec 27 '12, 8:14PM
  • 66%

    bananna17 Nov 19 '12, 9:39PM
  • @MYRASOSWEET if you know that nobody knows if he likes you, why did you take the quiz? despite your name, i dont think your so sweet.

    luver888 Jul 8 '12, 7:47AM
  • I agree with xendocheionology, you don't have to be jerks to Angela.

    LipsForKissing May 6 '12, 9:08PM
  • 91% if this is spam i will hunt u down and kill u

    Dorkyawesomeness Apr 8 '12, 11:00PM
  • 70%

    watsup Apr 2 '12, 10:49PM
  • I got 64%

    DaughterOfApollo Dec 26 '11, 8:22PM
  • Okay guyz...I know that the comments aren't recent, but the first question basically reveals that the quiz is about someone trying to figure out if a boy likes her. I mean, like you, I was trying to find a quiz that might give me a clue as to whether or not my crush likes me back. So I just skipped to the comments after I realized that this wasn't what I was looking for, to see what other users said. You could have done the same thing as I did instead of all of the harsh words, the poor girl's feelings could be hurt.

    And girl who made this quiz...calm down, it's okay. But GTQ quizzes, well they're really for others to find out lots about themselves. Stuff like this, I would put on the forums. Just for future reference. And I really do doubt that the cyber police will ever be all over's okay to get criticsm (sp) sometimes, I do, and I've learned from that criticsm (sp again), and hope you will.

    My ideas: Well, I just wanted to point out that one of the questions "He laughs when his friends are innapropriate", or something of the source, I don't think it would have really much of any effect on whether or not he likes you.

    Anyway, I hope that things are okay with that boy. Hope that I've taught you something and made you feel better about the comments. :)

    No retorts to everyone else please, I'm just saying...trying to make her feel better.

    xendocheionology Dec 23 '11, 4:10PM
  • ummmm.... confusing!

    sopiedopie Dec 20 '11, 7:32PM
  • this is stupid. o.k mabe he likes you. but, what does that have to do with other people???? we are the ones taking the quiz here? that is out answer not yours.^,..,^

    bla city Oct 27 '10, 5:49PM
  • Wht the hell did you make this dumb quiz for,who cares if he likes you or not. Get a life already.

    FANTASY Apr 7 '10, 11:04AM
  • thats it i cant take it anymore, wonderless. im deleting this dumb quiz.
    i dont even like or love hi anymore. hes in my classs, at least hes not fat and im not calling u fat. bye.

    alegnageno Mar 26 '10, 7:28PM
  • jeez, you know how to overeact, huh? Get a cat or something cause' your REALLY obsessing.

    Wonderless Mar 20 '10, 10:20PM
  • you got 93%! good for you. people should really lay of on the messed up comments.

    x aka mrlq x Mar 10 '10, 7:23PM
  • bye.

    alegnageno Mar 7 '10, 6:47PM
  • p.s.- i am not in college...idk y i said i was lol

    alegnageno Mar 7 '10, 6:46PM

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