Does He Like Me?

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There is a boy at school that I think likes me. I really want to know if he likes me or not, and HOW MUCH he likes me. Could you please help me solve my problem more and take this quiz for me? Please?

Please rate and comment this quiz. And I will not be able to comment this quiz, so do not ask any questions, and I do not care if you say anything mean. [No offense.] [you are still awesome!]

Created by: Angela
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  1. He has helped me put binder in my locker at school.
  2. He has smiled at me.
  3. He has stared into my eyes longer than usual.
  4. He was sad when I could not play a card game with him.
  5. He has never walked right next to me in the hall.
  6. He says bad words when I am near him.
  7. He laughs when his friends are acting innapropriate.
  8. I saw him staring at my face.
  9. He never told me that he liked me.
  10. I think he likes me. How much am I correct?

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