Does He like me?

Guys can be confusing, it might sceem like they do not know you are there but the truth is that they think they might like you. Also,some times they give you confusing signs. If this is the case you might need someone elses advise. This is why I created this test because too many girls ponder the same question. Does he like me?

Do you have a boy friend? Are you wondering if he is really into you or if he just feals sorry for you? If the answer is yes this is the test you should take. It will tell you if he really likes you or if he is just useing you.

Created by: Kathryn
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. when you talk to him he is
  2. when you talk who starts the conversation?
  3. does her hurt you?
  4. Do you Know his friends?
  5. Does his friends enjoy having you around?
  6. how often do you talk to one another?
  7. Have you ever hung out? (Just the two of you.)
  8. has he ever lent you money or bought you something without asking you to repay him?
  9. Do you think he like you?
  10. When you drop your books in the hall and he is near by he

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