Do you spend too much time on the computer

Many people in this world use a computer. Some too much and some not very much. A computer can be very helpful, but we have turned it into something that some people use too much.

Do you use your computer too much? Do you use it only a little? This quiz can help you find out not only the answer to those questions, but some very helpful advice for you.

Created by: Hailey

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  1. How much time do you spend on the computer
  2. How much time is spent on facebook and social media
  3. do you stay alone when you play on your computer?
  4. Do you play for long periods of time?
  5. Could you go a week with no computer or electronics
  6. Does your family complain that you are on the computer too much
  7. Do you prefer face to face or social media
  8. Are most of your friends made on the computer, and never seen face to face
  9. Do you like computers more than going out
  10. Do you think you use a computer too much

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Quiz topic: Do I spend too much time on the computer