How Lazy Are You?

There are hard-workers, who work hard and get active. But, there are some people who don't work, who spend too much time lying around or not getting exercise. Whatever the case, lazyness is rarely tolerated. Hopefully you'll score low and realize that you aren't a bum.

But of course, there are some people who spend too much time sleeping and not enough time working, or people who need to exercise more or need to get off the computer. These people are "lazy". But, are YOU lazy? Try taking this quiz. You might be surprised.

Created by: Trevor

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  1. How often do you exercise?
  2. How much time do you spend watching TV or going on the computer a day?
  3. Are you a "couch potato"?
  4. While watching TV, your mom tells you to clean your room. What do you say?
  5. Do you have a job?
  6. You get home from school on a Friday afternoon, but you have homework. What do you do?
  7. What's your ideal Sunday afternoon?
  8. Are you overweight?
  9. During summer vacation, you usually...
  10. Oh snap, you forgot that your homework was due today! What do you do?
  11. How many extracirricular activities do you have? (sports, foreign language, band, etc.)
  12. Do your teachers think you're lazy?
  13. You usually turn in your homework...
  14. How physically active are you?
  15. What's your philosophy about work?
  16. You answer this question. Do YOU think you're lazy?

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Quiz topic: How Lazy am I?