How Lazy Are You

Have you ever wondered if you are truly a Lazy Girl? Perhaps it's in your blood. If you like to sew, quilt, or do fabric crafts of any kind, you just might be Lazy.

Take this quiz to see how you stack-up against other fans of our Lazy Girl Designs pattern company. Come on, we know there's a little Lazy in you. Take this quick quiz and find out just how Lazy you are.

Created by: Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs
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  1. Do you think that sewing and quilting should be fun?
  2. How do you wash a car?
  3. Before you became Lazy, how would you mend a skirt or pant hem in an emergency?
  4. How many different ways do you use a Wonder Wallet?
  5. When it's your turn to make dinner, which best describes you?
  6. Do you own any Lazy Girl Designs patterns or products?
  7. Where did the inspiration for Lazy Girl Designs company name came from?
  8. How do you feel about installing zippers in your projects?
  9. Which best describes you?
  10. What would be the easiest to give up in order to sew more?
  11. When it comes to house cleaning...

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