Do you speak British?

Sure you may have mastered the accent, and perhaps watched a fair bit of those British detective movies, as we all have, no doubt. But do you truly understand the various terms and funny words that can mean almost anything in the language of the English?

Well, take this quiz to find out ( and NO cheating !), so I hope you enjoy it, and please just do your best. Good luck and Cheerio old boy! Don't forget to keep your nose clean.

Created by: Dalekanium
  1. Snogging is a British word for:
  2. What is a bloke?
  3. What are chips?
  4. What is tea?
  5. What is a torch?
  6. Telly is short for
  7. Pick the closest equivalent to blimey
  8. If you are chuffed, you are
  9. What are crisps?
  10. What does BBC stand for?

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Quiz topic: Do I speak British?