Do you really love him/her?

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There is this guy/girl who you think you may like. Do you really love them? Take my quiz to find out. My quiz has only 15 questions,and it's quick. :)

Do you really like him/her? Do you get nervous around them? Do you have dreams about him/her? Do you want her/him to be your bf/gf? Take my love quiz to find out!

Created by: Biance

  1. Do you smile when you see or think of him/her?
  2. When she/he walks past you,do you keep glancing at her/him?
  3. Do you have dreams about her/him?
  4. Is she/he your crush or bf/gf?
  5. Do you write their name in your notebook or on a piece of paper?
  6. Whenever you sit next or near them,does your heartbeat get faster and you get nervous?
  7. Are you tempted to hold their hand when your standing next the her/him?
  8. Do you say "Hi" to her/him everyday?
  9. Do you want her/him to be your bf/gf?
  10. Do you think she's pretty,amazing,and perfect?(If you're a girl,answer "Im a girl")
  11. Do you think he's cute,funny,and perfect?(If you're a boy,answer "Im a boy")
  12. Do you want them to marry you?
  13. Do you sometimes copy them?(Keyword:SOMETIMES)

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Quiz topic: Do I really love him/her?