Surrender Part 6

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I got this one out pretty quick so lets hope that I don't have to many mistakes! (I'm sure I have a bunch...) I would like to give a special thanks out to xxblutixx and ivoryleaf for your amazing comments! They make me smile and they let me know what I'm doing right. Please keep it up guys, I love it!

You left off with collapsing into bed after a long night celebrating yourself...

Created by: CountryBlonde

  1. I woke up to a gentle and warm light filling my room. I yawned and stretched, rubbed all that weird goopy stuff out of my eyes, and I decided not to move. My bed was so inviting and perfect, I felt so rested and energized, but who wants to leave a bed so perfect? I don't have school to face my peers, I don't have to face stupid parents, and I can do whatever my heart desires now. Again, who wants to get up out of a bed this perfect. I buried further into my sheets and sighed in contentment, but it was short lived. A knock on my door rang into my room. I groaned. "Yes?" I asked. Chantou peeked her cute little head into the room, sending my light from a warm yellow glow to cool purple shimmer. I smiled, inviting her in. She pushed the door open and in shuffled two little twin girls, carrying silver platters. I sat up in my bed and gave them the best smile I could muster in the groggy-ness of the morning. They each seemed so excited, they could barely keep calm. On my lap they set up a wonderful breakfast of everything I love most in the mornings. I thanked them and they giggled with absolute delight. Chantou turned to leave after them, but I asked her to stay. She came to my side and looked at me inquisitively. I gestured at my food, offering her anything she'd like. Chantou shook her head, "Thank you my lady, but I already have had breakfast and am quite full." "I don't think I can eat all of this, in fact I'm sure." "No worries, everything you do not eat will be put to good use. We cherish our planet and waste nothing." That made me happier and I dug in. Once I started eating, I realized how hungry I was. Wow, this is absolutely amazing. Perfection. I looked at Chantou again, "What time is it?" "Nearly noon ma'am." "Is there 24 hours here too?" "Yes, an hour more of night however, this is how our plants thrive, our sun is too hot, less sun gives enough recovery time for everything that grows." "So you are familiar with terms of my time?" "Yes, Mrs. Hill was kind enough to teach me, I have learned a lot. It will make our communication much easier." "How do you understand me? I mean, how do you know English?" "Language is extremely easy for my species to adapt to. When we learned of your location and language, we were quick to learn your culture, customs, and most important, your language. However, it will take some time to learn all of your phrases and slang." I nodded. That made much more sense.
  2. I finished and Chantou kindly removed everything from my lap. I rose with some reluctance, and for the first time, I truely appreciated the smooth and warm texture of my wood flooring. I walked into my closet, and studied it's contents. I soon realized, it was all dresses or something a business woman would wear. I looked at Chantou confused. "You are a princess now my lady. Unfortunately, things such as jeans will not be a luxury available to you unless you are on your home planet. Which, you will eventually gain full access to. However, for now, this is your wardrobe. You have a formal section, semi-formal section, and a informal section. Today you will select your clothing from the informal section. You will be spending your day in relaxation, in a library." "A LIBRARY?" "Yes, the finest this universe has to offer infact." I nearly bubbled over in excitement, "What am I to do in the library." "Learn. Mrs. Hill will speak to you, and so will the three kings." I did a little dance and Chantou smiled with delight. Undoubtedly thrilled to see me so happy. I walked to the place she said was informal, even though it still seemed pretty formal to me. I chose to wear...
  3. When finished, I left my room with Chantou at my side. I looked around and to my surprise, no squirrels. There were always squirrels to transport us around, I don't know what's going on. "The library is one of the oldest places here, like your room. Because of this, it is not far from here. The oldest rooms are further up, while the newer extend lower. Having your home be a living, growing thing is quite an interesting ordeal." I chuckled, "I'm sure." She began down a stair case and I followed. Not long after she turned into a long hallway and I followed. The hallway was deep inside a branch, no windows. It was lit by fireflies, and luminescent mushrooms on the ceilings. It was surreal, and quite beautiful. Soon we came upon large arching doorways. Galaxies I didn't recognize were painted and carved into the doorway with such extreme detail, I reached out to touch it, but recoiled in fear that I'd screw it up. The doors swung open in surprising ease, and we entered the most amazing place I have ever seen. The doors closed behind me and I turned to find guards lining the walls. No doubt this place was invaluable. I turned back to marvel at this great new treasure of mine. The room stretched far into the distance, farther than I could see. Servants of all shapes, sizes, genders, and colors labored over the books and manuscripts everywhere you looked. These books were well taken care of, no harm would ever come to them. The servants filed out into hidden rooms when I appeared however, most likely to give me space and peace. The guards filed out when all the servants left, leaving only the door guards. The ceilings arched high, filled with paintings of immense detail of different places, people, creatures, and seemingly incredibly important moments in history. Pillars were intricately carved, each pillar unique with their own species, some familiar, some foreign. But all this paled next to the stunning books. Book cases stretched everywhere, far and wide. Each new row of books were marked with intricately detailed globes of different planets throughout the universe. After a minute of gaping, we came to the center of the library. It was a circle of couches, tables, desks, and podiums all spread evenly and elegantly. No doubt of the up most quality and luxury. But what was at the center made me absolutely awestruck. It was another globe, perpetually in movement. How? I don't know. It was as large as a house, and the most detailed object here. It was this planet, my planet. I knew this when my tree came into view on the globe. The globe was sculpted in 3-D, the color luminous, and the artwork precise. I was weak in the knees as I viewed something so pure and precious. "This is amazing!" I turned to see Kat, childlike in her excitement. She wore a cute yellow sundress and no shoes. As quickly as she came however, she left too. Skipping off to explore another secret of our new home.
  4. "This place... I... I think I can live here now...." I turned and found Jared, followed by several servants, each craddling a single book. "They are going to have one hell of a time trying to get me out of here." I chuckled in response. He studied the globe at my side, and seemingly decided to look at this treasure later. He took a seat at a table to my left and carefully opened one of the prescious books. He didn't read the book, he started study everything about the book, the ancient pages, the artwork, and even the binding before he began to read the contents. I started to him, but wasn't given the chance. "So you like it here?" An incredibly deep voice sounded behind me. I turned and was greeted by a smiling familiar face, Andor. "Besides you my lady, this library is the most valuable thing we hold on this planet. Our pride and joy. Many dream of enterring it's premesis, but none are given the luxury but you, your family, and the kings. Your friends are quite an exception, to be honest, I'm surprised that now that they've been brought here, they are even given the ability to come and go with you. As you can tell, we take security immensly serious here." I nodded in response. He gestured to an armchair, seemingly the most luxurious here, and I sat, held in it's soft arms. He kneeled at my side and took my hand like a gentleman. As foreign as his apearance was, I couldn't help but notice how handsome he was. I could see why Chantou seemed so interested in him. Andor began to speak again, "Every morning, I am required to give you a report of your planet. It is a quick ordeal unless you ask me to do anything in particular. Today we have a record breaking low level of crime, and no incedints in security. Your economy is prosperous and the level of approval extremely high. Your public is extremely happy and well. No outbreaks of desease and no illness is spreading. Harvest is going strong, and I must say, the grascious behavior you showed the elderly woman yesterday has given you complete and utter trust of the people. As much as we love and are loyal to the women that we follow, my people tend to be slow to trust. The fact that you have gained total trust in one day is not only a record, but astounding. I applaud you my highness, and I am proud to follow you no matter what this universe has in store for you." He finished with a great smile, and nodded a hello to Chantou, in which she smiled in response. I watched the man leave my sight, and soon after, I heard the echo of a large door being closed. I can't believe a whole planet loved me, adored me. How did I end up with the fortune of coming from a world of hate to a world of love.
  5. I got lost in my thoughts, thoughts about how incredibly lucky I am. I was brought out of these thoughts when I found a white cat on my lap. He curled and showed is growing belly. His purring vibrated throughout him, and I laughed. Life was so simple for him, and I would have it no other way. I rubbed his belly and he playfully pawed at my hand and gnawed on it. "Frankie seems to grow happier the more he learns and explores." Another voice began, but I didn't need to turn to see it's owner. I knew Mrs. Hill too well. I continued to play with Frankie as I heard Mrs. Hill pull a chair to my side. I looked up to see her familiar warm smile. "I have news Mai." "Yes?" "I get to remain your teacher!" "Of course, you would have it no other way." I chuckled. She snorted, "No one else can be trusted with your education. I am quite the scholar when it comes to this new world you're discovering. But today I'm afraid I will not be teaching you." "Then what are you doing here?" "I am here to relay the news! Not to mention Frankie was anxious to see you happy and well." She chuckled and cradled his head in affection. "I have more news to tell you as well." "News that you are sure to be grateful for." Frankie chirped in. "And that is?" I looked at the two of them with suspicion. "Well, I have managed to prod your kings along. I don't care what THEY THINK is best for you, I KNOW what is best. And I feel it is of up most importance that you learn more of them before you learn of much else. Therefore, I have managed to get them each in here today to begin teaching you about themselves. Where they begin, well, I'll let them decide. But they will finally have one on one time with you in your comfort zone, not theirs. I know you feel most comfortable when a student, they however are not used to this role as a teacher. Furthermore, you will finally learn what Malcolm and Pierce are." "Finally, they seem to think I can't handle it." Relief overcame me. Finally, some answers were coming my way, I have a bad feeling they will only lead to more though. Mrs. Hill chuckled. "You are a handful my dear, and they are in for a surprise. The knowledge you can withhold is astounding, and they will soon learn that they greatly under estimate your intelligence." I thanked her for the compliment. I watched her rise and begin to walk away and Frankie jumped up to follow her. "What will you do today then?" I asked after her. "I am going to explore this fine library, the privilege I indulge in now may vanish soon. I will certainly take hold of this opportunity!" she replied over her shoulder. I chuckled. That woman is determined, and when she wants something, she gets it. Good thing she's on my side!
  6. I heard the door close in the distance again, and my curiosity instantly flared. Who would be first? What will they tell me? What can I learn? Will this be a step in deciding who I eventually will be with? At that last thought I shivered. While these men were hot, I'm not quite sure I'm interested in any of them. Each of them have shown only one side of them, and that side holds flaws galore. I'm not about to stay with a man who doesn't treat me right. Finally one of them appeared at my side, Malcolm. He gave me a shallow bow of respect and whispered some things into a servants ear. She scurried off quickly to do whatever he had asked. I watched as he took a table and put it before me. He returned Mrs. Hill's chair to it's place and chose a stool instead. "So what do you think?" He asked. I sighed and looked around the place with an incurable curiosity. "I didn't think a place like this could exist. This is a place I could get lost in forever." He smiled and I gave him the once over when he wasn't looking. He looked delicious. He was the strongest of the kings, at least in appearance, even though I had originally thought Sean to be. He wore black slacks and a white button up shirt. Under his shirt you could make out dark tribal tattoos on his shoulders, chest, and right arm. It was so alluring, just the suggestion of a bad boy. My observations were interrupted when he turned back to me. "I am thrilled you find sanctuary here. Everyone needs a place they can escape into. Meanwhile, I have sent for some books and manuscripts of my people and their history. I will go slow so that you can digest it all." I was happy with all that he said until he suggested I was stupid. I snorted and turned from him. "Have I offended you?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. "Yes! You continue to suggest that I am slow, or insufficient at learning. It is time you have faith in my learning capabilities and treat me like you would a colleague." I snapped. He bowed is head, "I apologize, of course I will cease to treat you this way." He said it half-heartedly, which only made my anger grow. I was gathering my words when several servants surfaced with texts cradled in their arms. My anger vanished as I gently touched the cover of one of these treasures. I smelled the ancient pages and smiled in delight. Answers. Finally. Answers.
  7. He opened the book I was touching and inside I was met with a detailed picture of a gold dragon. When he didn't turn the page, realization hit me. I looked at him, and he nodded, telling me my thoughts were correct. Malcolm was a dragon. He turned the page and a picture of a war was the first thing I saw. Dragons of all shapes and sizes were on the pages before me. A note beneath the picture was written in a foreign language, one that was nothing close to what I have seen on Earth. "This is where my history begins." Malcolm began. "My planet was in absolute choas. Some dragons resided in clans, some in packs, but most fought alone. Every man for himself is a good way to put it. Territories were constantly changing and up for grabs. No dragon lived past their prime. Most didn't survive to get even that far. We could never stop fighting, stop the bloodshed, our planet was racing to extinction." He turned a couple pages and rested on one with a picture of an immense red dragon. "We were undoubtedly bound to all die until one dragon began a revolution. Agnar the Great. He was a fire dragon. Fire dragons are one of the largest dragon species to begin with, but he seemed to dwarf them all. He was wise beyond his years and put an end to the fighting and created a system where we could live among each other in peace. This was hard in the beginning, but it grew to be easier. We were destined for greatness. In the end, our greatest regret of the war times must be the lost history. We do not know where we came from or how we evolved. All traces of our past wiped out in the continuous power struggle." He looked at his hands with a regretful tinge. "What kind of dragon are you?" I asked him, pulling him back from his thoughts. He closed the book and brought forward another. This time, I opened it. This was an index of dragon species, and I instantly dove into the pictures (as I don't understand the language). Some dragons had wings that extended from their shoulders to the tips of their tails, some had large arching necks, while others long serpentine bodies. He took the book from me, but seemed happy with my hunger for knowledge about his people. He flipped to the beginning of the book to the first page. "I am a fire dragon. We are the first in honor of Agnar the Great, first listed in everything. I however am the first fire dragon in power since he. We tend to have a tendency to be arrogant, unfortunately not a great trait in a leader. I try my best to overcome this flaw however." "At least you know your screwed up." I joked. His eyebrows shot up in false offense but his eyes revealed his amusement. I studied the picture to get a better idea of what he would look like as a dragon. The dragon in the picture was red, while the ends of his appendages faded into black. The body was muscular and the neck arched high. The head was strong and a mixture of blocky and slim. The wings were immense in order to be able to carry such and immense creature, and the had a hook on each, probably to hang onto cliffs and such. Beginning at the base of it's head was webbing supported by large strong spikes/spines. The horns wer large and arched back continueing the line of it's head. The tail was large and seemed to immitate a rudder in a slight fashion. "As fire dragons we have a couple strengths. We are known to be the strongest beings physically in the universe. Along with this, the flames we produce are the hottest of the dragons, and we are immune to heat. The hotter the better in our opinion. We often make our homes within a volcanoe for the luxury of access to the lava. As refreshing as water is to you, lava is to us. Hence the rudder like tail. However, we have a classic weakness. Even though our scales are impenetrable, our eyes are not. If you are to kill a fire dragon, everyone knows their best chance is to go through the eyes. We therefore tend to be extremeley protective of our eyes and wear only head armor when going into a battle." I nodded, wondering if he looked exactly like the picture, or if there were slight variations. "We are not the only great species of dragons however. Many species are named for their strengths or attributes. Some examples are bronze dragons, sea serpents, tiger dragons, and ice dragons. We are all unique with strengths and weaknesses."
  8. A throat was cleared and I looked up to see Sean looking at us across the room with servants holding his books. "Sorry Malcolm, I'm sure you can show her the real you another time." A deep growl came from Malcolm's throat, one that made me jump. I was not surprised when I found Ciar sitting besides Sean, I was however when Ciar growled back. I giggled, that wolf stands no chance against this man, but I suppose the wolf knows there's no way in hell Malcolm would attack him. Malcolm gestured to his servants to take the books he brought and left with great strides. "You could be nicer you know." I told him. He shook his head, "He crossed a line this morning. But don't concern yourself with our bickering. We always have, the three of us. We are three men that answer to no one, this gets a bit complicated sometimes." I chuckled. Soon they will answer to me. But I merely said, "You sound like little girls." I managed to hear him laugh for the first time. "Yes, this is the sad part. Three great kings acting like school girls." He sat in the stool and ordered his books in the order he planned to show me. "Since you already understand I am an angel, this will be a bit simpler." He opened to the middle of the first manuscript. "My people came into being rather by accident. We began rather like your people on Earth, yet, more, well, caring of our planet." Alright, I'll give him that. We treat our home pretty bad. "A plague however swept our planet, much like your Black Plague. This desease however was spread through birds. Through a century of struggling to survive, not medicines worked, and yet, the birds managed to act merely as carriers, never affected. We slowly developed an immune system to the desease, however, the immunity didn't come without great change. Somehow we had adapted to some bird traits. It never showed however until Angelica. She was born like the rest of our people, only with wings. She was immensly beautiful as an adult. The siren of the community you could say." I looked at the picture on the page, it showed a woman of immense beauty. She was fair, and bore blonde hair that stratched below her waist. Her wings however, they were incredibly small. "Many more were born with different traits of birds, such as talons or beaks, but none survived. Soon enough more children were born with wings. We still do not have the science to figure out how we picked up this trait, however, we are greatly appreciative for it. Soon enough the majority of our people bore wings. Eventually we decided to change what we called ourselves due to our evolved genetics. Because Angelica is given credit to be the mother of our new race, we decided to name ourselves Angels. Through time our wings grew in strength and size, not only giving us the gift of flight, but also giving us the name of fastest race in the known universe. Our speed is unmatched, something we take great pride in. Before we became a superpower we took the name of the universe's spy. We were spied for anyone who gave us the best price. This eventually gave us the greatest knowledge of the universe in one planet. Through this we made many friends, friends we hold even today. If we were ever to fall back into war, the Angels would probably have the greatest number of allies. This is mostly attributed to a great Angel named Marko. Marko engineered our revenue stream without creating any enemies. He kept an angel in every great court room to insure our friendship while providing information when necesary." He turned to a page in the back of the book showing a man dressed in luxury with great wings that rather looked a lot like an eagle's. He then pulled forward another book and opened it to the very center. It was a map of the universe. It was extremely 'zoomed out', but a map none the less. Somewhere near the edge I located the milky way. He pulled a page from his suit pocket and placed it over the universe, giving it a colorcoded appearence. "This is the charted territiories of the universe, divided into three sectors. This is showing you the jurisdiction that Sean mentioned when we were first introduced to you." Suddenly the high low and mid sectors made sense to me. I looked at Sean and his green eyes seemed to light up as he looked at his books. Maybe this was how I was to get him to open up, his people.
  9. "What about the uncharted territories?" We both looked up to find Jared still at his table, his eyes glinting. "They hold criminals and evil beings." Someone answered behind me. Jared shrugged, seemingly annoyed, and returned to his own books. I looked back and found Pierce staring him down from behind me. "Leave him alone." I told Pierce with assertion. Pierce looked down at me and decided not to argue. I looked back and found Sean gone again, but strangely Ciar was not. The wolf walked to my side and touched his nose to my hand. "Patience" a voice whispered in my head. I jumped and looked around. "That is Ciar." Pierce answered for me. "He is a different species of wolf found on Sean's planet, they can communicate through touch." I watched as Ciar turned and strode off to find his master. "They are curious creatures that are fiercely loyal to their masters, if they allow themselves to be mastered. Whatever he said to you, take it to heart. He is a wise beast, as he has lived longer than any of us here. Not to mention he must like you, they don't tend to communicate with those they do not." I turned back to look at Pierce. He was wearing a very tuned down version of what he wore yesterday, a king through and through I suppose. He was already seated, and ready to begin, but he had no books. I cocked my head in question. He smiled, "What I wish to share with you today cannot be conveyed through the pages of a book, at least not for you. My species tends not to use illustrations, and since you do not understand my home language, I would much rather show you than try and explain a foreign text to you." I nodded with understanding. "My people began as an experiment. Witches as you know do not possess magic, but a sorceress does. They are rare and incredibly hard to find, yet, still the source of my species. One sorceress merely wished to create something to protect her home from intruders, but created an entire new race, gargoyles." He held up his hand to show the grey tint to it. "She sculpted five stone creatures, and brought them to life. Now I'm going to skip a lot of history because I do not have much time and I would much rather understand who we are rather than who we were. Gargoyles today are known to be the peace keepers, or protectors. When in stone form, we cannot be broken, we are indestructible. At birth we are given duties and responsibilities that someday our sole purpose will be to carry out those. Mine happened to be leading the gargoyle nation. No one gargoyle looks like another in stone form. Kind of like a fingerprint for you, we are each unique." He stood and took a couple steps back. "Now, do not be alarmed when I change. I wish to show you what I look like, so that you have a good idea of what a gargoyle looks like, and more importantly, what I look like. I cannot speak in stone form, so I would much rather you know me by sight than some rogue gargoyle pose as me in the future and you would know no better." I sat on the edge of my seat in excitement. I never gave much thought to the idea of gargoyles, but now, it intrigued me. This was so unique and different. I watched as he closed his eyes and morphed into a completely different creature. He was an incredibly muscular creature in the end that towered above me, but not quite as far as doubled my height. He bore the head of a dragon and the wings of an angel. He had two straight horns and the wings had no detail of feathers. He had the torso of a man, and the arms of a man, but his nails curved rather like claws. His neck was longer than a man's, but not to long, more muscular. Pierces legs modeled closer to a lions but his feet curved into talons. I watched as a long, slender tail curved around into a triangle tip, it slowly swished back and forth, much like a cat's. I jumped up and quickly came to his side to study him. He seemed surprised by my reaction, but he did nothing. I traced the curves of his arm in absolute astonishment. His skin was cool like stone, hard like stone, and ungiving like stone, but when he moved, you could feel the movement as if it was merely muscle and not stone. He became frigid and stopped moving entirely, I stepped back as I watched him take back the human form I knew first. "That's... amazing." I told him. He chuckled, obviously pleased with my reaction. I'm sure he thought I would become frightened, not inquisitive.
  10. He looked behind me and raised his eyebrows. I then knew what was coming, Kat. Kat tackled me from behind. and I laughed at her absolute girly-ness. "Guess what!" "What?" "There's a pool! It's amazing! I'm gonna make you come swimming with me tonight!" "Oh really?" I laughed. "Mhmm!" She chirped. Meanwhile Frankie appeared at my side. "Alright children. Come, I bring the call of supper." He told us. Kat scooped him into his arms and skipped off with him looking back at me with a plead for help. I laughed again, and turned to Jared. "Come on!" We apparently spent the entire day in this stunning location. He looked at his books with a great reluctance. "I will have the servants save them for you, you may return to them after the meal." Pierce told him. I smiled at him in gratitude. Jared sighed and I dragged him from the place while Pierce remained to give instructions. I wasn't the best dragger due to the fact I didn't want to leave either, but somehow we managed to find our way out and onto squirrels that would take us to dinner.
  11. Well that is it for today! I hope you liked it... please comment and rate!
  12. Who has your attention as of now?

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