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  • Ok, not trying to be rude, but there are many errors here. For instance, the question about the repeated names was weird. Like, I get I should have chosen all of the above, and I was rushing, but I still technically got the answer right. Also, for question 18, it was probably a typo, but it didnt make any sense. Jayfeather has never had a mate in his current life, and two of the options were Leafpool and Squirrelflight? And a dead cat? And there was a question about the date that one of the books came out, I got it right (I know because I looked it up after I saw I apparently got if wrong), but it said it was incorrect. One more example: Tigerclaw/star had no half clan heritage. His parents were Pinestar and Leopardfoot. Both from ThunderClan. Anyways, those were some of the things that need to be fact-checked, but again, Im not trying to be mean or rude at all, I just wanted to let you know that some of them are incorrect.

  • Uhhh. I only got 43% and I read all the book like a thousand times!!! Something wrong with this I think. I agree with apple flame Swift star and WarriorsandWof

  • Um . . . I think there is something wrong with this quiz. I agree with Swift star. I read almost all the books and this should be easy. ;-;

  • Yeah Im not sue its All Correct

    Swift star 7411
  • What???? I’ve read all the books 9 times!!! Your quiz is bad

  • The where is the next series? WHICH SERIES IS THE NEXT SERIES

  • Ive only read 4 and a half series so I wasnt surprised that a I got 21%

    • I am not surprised that I got 43% I have only read 15 books I am on to book 5 long shadows and I am 10 turning 11!

  • Hmm. your quiz was okay, but I think some of the questions are wrong.

  • I hope you guys liked the quiz. ^^


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