Do you really know about the universe?

There are many people who knows about the universe, but only a few people really knows about the universe from A - Z, if you want to know are you from them, go on with the quiz

Are you some of them, carry on with the quiz. Hope you will enjoy the quiz and please rate my quiz and also please comment so that I may now. If you will do a good result congrats if not best of luck next time!

Created by: Jeeshan
  1. Is the universe finite?
  2. Is there any black hole in our Solar System?
  3. Is there atoms in the universe more than 100 to the power 100 to the power 100?
  4. Does time of space and earth equal?
  5. Do sun travels around our solar system?
  6. Are there mountains taller than Mt. Everest in our solar system?
  7. Can blackholes attrack light?
  8. Is any part of the earth, there on our solar system?
  9. How many times does a space station sees sunset and sunrise?
  10. Is our universe expanding or contracting?
  11. There are black holes. Are there white holes?
  12. What is the speed of time in black holes than the outer space?

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Quiz topic: Do I really know about the universe?