Do You Really Know Steven Universe?

Alright, Steven Universe fans. This is the ultimate test. The awesomest one you'll ever take in your life. Get ready to answer some awesome and fun questions!

Now, here's the real question. Are you a Steven Universe genius? Find out in seconds using this awesomely made test for Steven Universe fans! ENJOY!!!

Created by: amethyst224
  1. What is Amethyst' nickname for her sumo wrestling?
  2. What is Steven's pet?
  3. Who is Rose Quartz?
  4. Where do the gems find Lion?
  5. Where was Amethyst born?
  6. Who used to be Pearl's best friend?
  7. Which two gems make Opal?
  8. This gem has wings:
  9. What is Garnet's favorite hobby?
  10. How old are the gems?
  11. How old is Steven?
  12. What creature eats Steven in the episode:"Giant Woman"?
  13. How was this quiz? (Make this answer right)

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Quiz topic: Do I Really Know Steven Universe?