How well do YOU know the universe?

(WARNING: HARD) There are many great astronomers and scientists out there. People with years of experience, who devoted their whole lives to studying the Universe around them. Maybe you hope to be like them some day - as I do too, if I can't write novels - or perhaps you are just bored and have no reason to take this quiz.

But maybe, just maybe, you know more about our Solar System and Universe than all of them put together, right!? Do you have what it takes to take this quiz and score a perfect 100%!? Do you know all the hidden secrets of existence in space!? Well, let's see if you could be the next big thing in science history!

Created by: Morgan216
  1. What is at the centre of our Milky Way and most, if not all, other galaxies?
  2. What was the first element created after the Big Bang?
  3. What is our Sun made of?
  4. How old is our Universe?
  5. What is the furthest planet away from our Sun?
  6. What is the biggest star known to man?
  7. What did the Romans name Venus?
  8. How many moons are in the Solar System?
  9. What speed is the Universe constantly expanding at?
  10. What is the first planet from our Sun?
  11. When was the planet Uranus discovered?
  12. How big is our Sun, roughly?
  13. What is the heaviest element we know of? (Highest atomic weight)
  14. Roughly, how many stars are there in our galaxy?
  15. What is the huge cloud that hangs around our Solar System beyond Neptune?
  16. There is an area in a black hole where everything (time, space) holds still. What is that called?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the universe?