Do you need to go back to school 2018?

Get onto your computer and get stuck into the world of learning. With books and calculators you'll be ready in no time! Champagne is being served at all times.

Get on the plane and travel to France, England, Belgium, Tunisia, Panama and Learning. LEARNING!!!!! This is gonna help you now. Look, there is Leonardo Divinci. Get stuck in.

Created by: UnicornLover of Who would you be in the simpson world.
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  1. Without using a calculator, what is 10 [8-5]?
  2. How old is Queen Elizabeth II?
  3. What year is it?
  4. Does Donald Trump wear a wig?
  5. Who was the president of USA in 1992?
  6. Who was the Prime minister of England in 2016?
  7. Do you know who I am?
  8. Who wrote the song "This Is Me"?
  9. What is 1234567890 x 1
  10. What is 1234567890 x 10

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Quiz topic: Do I need to go back to school 2018?