Are You Ready For The New School Year?

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Hi, it's Ora Potter! Here is a back to school quiz for you! This quiz is very important because you NEED to know if you are ready for school yet!! It has 10 precise questions with very urgent answers!

Take this quiz whenever you like and please don't lie on the questions because then you know truly if you are ready for school or not! VERY IMPORTANT!! Have fun!

Created by: Ora Potter

  1. You go back to school shopping. You are tired and can't be bothered doing anything. Do you:
  2. This question has two parts. Answer this one if you are in primary (elementary) school, and the other if you are in high (and middle) school. If you are in high/middle school, answer "NONE". You know what you are going to learn this year/have your textbooks ready. Do you:
  3. What do you do with your textbooks once you get them? (Even though you know you have to read them)
  4. It is the week before school. If you have a uniform, what does it look like now?
  5. In the last week or so of school holidays, what would you be doing? (Some different questions may not apply to you, se of the questions would be more suitable for primary only, vice versa)
  6. Perfectionist or Mathematician?
  7. 80 or 99?
  8. Good grades, no study or acceptable grades, loads of study?
  9. Excited or down?
  10. Would you rather have best friends or new friends?

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Quiz topic: Am I Ready For The New School Year?