what 2018 best actor are you

choose the answers and find the best that match you dont lie every answer you pick is correct in some way dont get affended at the end its for fun not to hurt you

when your done you will get results and they will tell you what actor you are NOT ALL OF THEM ARE 2018 FAMOUS some were famous way back when but you should know them all there not too old

Created by: andy
  1. are you supportive of the lgbt
  2. money and fame are everything
  3. is family first
  4. how do you like to dress
  5. opinion on hair
  6. do you have a big dream at a young age
  7. group work or not
  8. small circle or large (of friends)
  9. how do you describe family
  10. do you like music

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Quiz topic: What 2018 best actor am I