Do you love Edward or Jacob?

Do you love Edward or jacob. Are you a crazy vampire loving person. Or do you like warm sensitive wolves?? Which ever one you are this quiz will help you figure it out.

Are you confused? Cant decide between georgous Edward or sexy Jacob?? If you really dont know which your in love with take this quiz to see which one you will eventually fall for!!!

Created by: Bethany Pennell

  1. Would you rather cuddle next to a fire or lay out in the snow looking at the stars??
  2. Do you like bats or wolves better??
  3. Do you love men that looks like an angel sent from the heavens above or a sexy dude that obviously would rather look at his abs than cuddle with his baby??
  4. Would you rather hang out with Spiderman swinging around or chilling with Hulk jumping high as the sky??
  5. Do you like long hair or short spikey hair??
  6. Do you like black hair, blonde hair, or brown hair??
  7. Stefen or Damon?
  8. Would you rather drive a rabbit voltswagon or A VOLVO??
  9. DO you like older guys or younger guys??
  10. Finally do you think Edward is hotter than jacob??

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Quiz topic: Do I love Edward or Jacob?