jacob or edward which one will fall for you? part4

Vamp Lover's saga continues as you meet up with three vampires in the woods as you're trying to get away from Edward and Jacob, i know who would want to do that but that's just how that story goes.

do you have what it takes to become Mrs. Cullen or Mrs. Black? take my quiz and find out

Created by: vamp lover

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  1. you are in Jacob's arms in the living room of your house he clears his throat. "____ you are the first sixteen year old that has ever had this power that you posses." he explained. you raise on eye brow. "Get real Jake." you say. Edward laughs from across the room.
  2. Jacob rolls his eyes and holds you tighter to his chest. "Really you are going to experience something very painful before your next birthday and i can't let you go through it alone." he explains. you look over at Edward and his nostrils are flaring. Jacob looks too and rolls his eyes. "You know that I'm better for her blood sucker." he says Edward rolls his eyes he must know that he was right. you look at Jacob and you realize that his head was only inches from your own. you get off of his lap and hold up your hands. "Okay hold on what exactly are you guys doing am i on some sort of hidden camera show or something?" you ask looking around. you can see Jacobs lips twitch fighting a smile. he walks over to you. and grabs hold of you hands.
  3. "you aren't on a hidden camera show ___" he says. you realize that edward hadn't said anything since you got there. you think that they are drunk and you need a plan. "So why are trying to help me?" you ask. he gently smiles at you. "Because i love you __" he says. Edward stands up and throws his hands off of you. you think. "bingo"
  4. "I love her too dog." he says through his teeth. you throw yourself in between the two and put a hand on either chest "Guys take this outside okay?" you say as you walk over to the door and open it gesturing for them to leave. they do as you say.
  5. once they're outside you walk out with them where they attack each other. you have this horrified look on your face and run inside where you lock every door and window. you grab your Dad's keys and run out side to his F 350. you throw the truck in gear and drive away.
  6. "Where the heck am i going to go?" you ask yourself. then you pull over and run into the woods where you run right about five miles i until you start to slow down. as you walk you hear a twig snap. you think that it's a squirrel or something so you think nothing of it.you hear foot steps and turn around. there's nothing there. when you turn back around you see a blond with red eyes.
  7. she is suddenly holding you up by your throat and slamming you against a tree trunk. you can feel your skull digging into the wood when you see two others appear. one had brown hair and the other had red hair.
  8. when blood falls down past your eye lids they all hiss and are crowded around you. you hear a low growl and out steps a reddish brown wolf that even on all fours taller than a man. you try to scream and scare it off since you don't want it to get hurt but you can't even breathe. the wolf attacks the blond adn you fall to the ground. the other guys attack the wolf. but as they did another wolf appears a jet black wolf and takes down the other guys. you are sitting there staring when the reddish brown wolf comes over to you.
  9. say you try to pet the wolf. you slowly lift up your hand and scratch him behind the ear. "Thank you." you whisper. he licks your cheek you laugh and wipe it off with your sleeve and see the blood on your face.
  10. there is blood all over your sleeve and the smell is awful and makes you black out. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!

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