Is He Your Edward or Your Jacob?

Okay. Here's the deal. I hate Twilight. I really hate Twilight. After the first book, the whole series went downhill. Stephanie Meyer went OOC with her own characters, which shouldn't be possible. I mean, since when is Bella suicidally depressed? Or blackmailing Edward so she could sleep with him. I mean, come on. Is that really the Bella from the first book? And what girl would take back a boy who hurt her as badly as Edward did? And Jacob would have been a better match for her, but since she can't see herself with anyone but Edward, she refused to admit she loved him. And Edward is just a complete and total jerk. He just barges his way back into Bella's life after hurting her like that. Seriously, who'd want a guy like that? Those are just some of my thoughts on Twilight.

BUT...I do like the love triangle idea. So it got me wondering. Girls, we all have guys we like. Ever wonder if your beau is your Edward or your Jacob? Maybe he annoys you like Jacob annoys Bella. Maybe he's a perfect gentleman like Edward (supposedly) is. With my quiz, you can find out if your crushing on your own version of Edward or Jacob.

Created by: dark lily
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  1. Does the guy you like annoy you a lot?
  2. Does he seem protective of you-like he'd be willing to jump in front of a speeding bullet to save you?
  3. Has he ever left you broken?
  4. Was he your first kiss?
  5. Do you think your in love with him?
  6. Does he spend money on you? A lot?
  7. How old is he?
  8. What's the best thing about him?
  9. What's the worst thing about he?
  10. Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward?
  11. Last question. What did you think of Twilight? (No effect.)

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Quiz topic: Is He my Edward or my Jacob?