Are you a fanboy/fangirl?

There are people in the world who are a little... different, beliebers, the edward vs jacob crowd.... the people who name their babies after celebrities... it's those kinds of people who we call super fans. Now most of us have done a little idol worshiping in our lives but do you have a problem?

Find out if you're crazy enough to be lopped in the with the beliebers or if you truly do think that bella has to be with edward because jacob is a loser face because he sucks.... or maybe you'll find out that you're just a normal person

Created by: ssyu
  1. Have you ever gotten into a fight with a friend over a celebrity?
  2. How often do you look up celebrities online through say google or wikipedia
  3. How far would you drive to see your idol(s)?
  4. how many midnight premiers/openings/sales have you gone to? (of your own free will, none of that dragged to twilight by your girlfriend stuff)
  5. Twilight is...
  6. a potted plant, a beautiful swan, the antithesis of white and canada's favorite animal
  7. I am on social media
  8. I'm taking this quiz because
  9. Do you think you're a fanatic?
  10. I have spent _____ on associated merchandise

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Quiz topic: Am I a fanboy/fangirl?