How much of a Dib fangirl are you?

There are people who pretend to be a Dib fangirl when they know nothing and there are people like me! So who's it going to be? Are you a true fan girl or to?

Your just going to have to take this quiz to find out ok? It's not just oing to magically appear on your computer screen just take this quiz! Thank you!

Created by: Skullkittehs
  1. First off! Who voices Dib?
  2. What pajamas does Dib wear
  3. In the episode when Dib and Zim turn into meat what is written on the bathroom wall when Dib goes to the bathroom
  4. What does Dib want to be when he grows up
  5. Does Dib wear boxers or tighty whities (ROFL)
  6. How does Dib's classmates react to Dib's paranormal studies
  7. According To Jhonnen Vasquez what would happen to Dib and Gaz if Invader Zim continues
  8. (Random question, no effect) In the episode with Mr Dwicky Dib says its weird how Zim doesn't think ponies know what we're thinking. Do you think Dib could be a bronie? (A boy who likes my little pony)
  9. What is Dib's secrete name for the secrete society he's in?
  10. In the Mr Dwicky episode what was Dibs plan instead of setting Zim up for a trap.
  11. I just realized it the ninth question I spelled brony wrong
  12. What does prof membrane think of his son?
  13. In the episode bad bad rubber piggy Dib is being changed because Zim is switching random objects in the past with rubber pigs. What is changed about Dib first?
  14. What is the group that Dibs apart of
  15. In the episode Zim Eats Waffles which person does Dib call last?

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Quiz topic: How much of a Dib fangirl am I?