Do you know your celebrities?

We all know who they are, we see them in movies, television, on the covers of magazines, and Albums. Celebrities everywhere! The question is do you know your Brad from your George, your Madonna from your Celine?

I know you like to skim through the covers of your favorite gossip magazine, or perhaps peruse the online site, but no matter how you get your info, you can test your knowledge in the fun celebrity quiz below! Enjoy!

Created by: Nuala
  1. What is the name of Heather Locklear's daughter?
  2. How old is Cameron Diaz
  3. Which celeb got snubbed at the Parisian Hermes store?
  4. Three actors from the film The Outsiders are
  5. What is the name of TomKat's baby?
  6. Who starred in bthe Horse Whisperer?
  7. To whom was Jennifer Lopez engaged before she married Marc Anthony?
  8. What is the name of Mischa Barton's sister?
  9. Who made the pink gown Gwyneth Paltrow wore when she accepted the Oscar in 1999?
  10. In the films Runaway Bride and Pretty Woman, which duon team up as the romantic leads?
  11. which now-divorced couple was the Newlyweds?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my celebrities?