Do you know your Snowiny?

Do you know a lot about Snowiny? Have you read a lot about Snowiny-related articles and do you feel you know everything about the country? Perhaps you should find out...

... do YOU think you know a lot? Do you think you can beat on this quiz with about 17 questions and win a good score and leave proudly? Let's find out!

Created by: Penstubal

  1. What is the capital of Snowiny?
  2. What is the bloodiest conflict Snowiny experienced to date?
  3. Against who did Snowiny play the last match they had in the 2014 UGFA World Cup?
  4. Fill in the blank: In late 2014, in an attempt to achieve independence to Nexon, the ______________ attacked Margate and Snowiny and the two killed it's leader in the following war.
  5. The longest battle in Antarctic history was where in Snowiny?
  6. Penland is:
  7. Does Snowiny enforce capital punishment?
  8. Snowiny produces lots of gold, uranium and ______.
  9. June 22nd in Snowiny is...
  10. Snowiny currently has how many territories (with Fort Joseon included)?
  11. Why doesn't Snowiny have Ed Island anymore?
  12. But why doesn't it have the Marmalade Islands and south Melodeeves anymore either?
  13. Where is Snowiny's tallest mountain located?
  14. What is the most populated and industrially advanced region of Snowiny?
  15. Penstubal once drew a picture of a Snowinian football (soccer) player. What team does he play in?
  16. Why are there so many Yowien citizens in Snowiny?
  17. Last question: Snowiny is officially a...

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Quiz topic: Do I know my Snowiny?