How well do you know the Well?

Have you been giving your full attention when you've been reading the Fahrenheit 451 Well of Knowledge's articles? Have you even read all the articles? Its time to find out on "How well do you know the Well?"!

Here are the rules. You are permitted to look throughout the Well for answers as you are taking the test, because there is nothing to prevent this. However, because this is an "open website" test, there will be many trick questions, so be prepared to read the questions and answers carefully. Enjoy!

Created by: fahrenheit451wellofknowledge

  1. What is the goal of the Fahrenheit 451 Well of Knowledge?
  2. Why has the publisher given the Well its name?
  3. What two ideas are common within the minds of the Fahrenheit 451's society's citizens?
  4. What does Montag want to pass on that Clarisse gave him?
  5. What are the two main themes of Fahrenheit 451?
  6. What are the two pictures representing the main themes of Fahrenheit 451 on the "Themes" page?
  7. When was Ray Bradbury born?
  8. How many grandchildren does Ray Bradbury have?
  9. How many literary works has Ray Bradbury produced?
  10. Who is the protagonist for Fahrenheit 451?
  11. Who is the author of Fahrenheit 451?
  12. Who changes Montag's life forever?
  13. What was Faber's profession forty years ago from the novel's timeline?
  14. When had Ray Bradbury completed his first draft of Fahrenheit 451?
  15. What name had Bradbury originally given to Fahrenheit 451?
  16. What does the Fahrenheit 451 Well of Knowledge Poll ask you?
  17. How does the Well's Publisher describe Fahrenheit 451?
  18. Who is the main antagonist of Fahrenheit 451?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Well?