X-man or Warrior Cat?

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Warrior Cats are fictional sometimes superpowered cats that fight each other, and all their names are made-up compound words. X-men are fictional sometimes not superpowered humans that fight each other, and a large majority of their names are made-up compound words. Can you tell the difference between these names?

Lionheart and Darkstar are both X-men and Warrior Cats and frankly I believe that's unfair because it makes this quiz significantly easier (but not by much).

Created by: Angie Real

  1. Sunfire
  2. Whitewater
  3. Rosepetal
  4. Longneck
  5. Blackbee
  6. Moonstar
  7. Slipstream
  8. Snaketooth
  9. Moonflower
  10. Bloodstorm
  11. Greystone
  12. Dawnbright
  13. Sunstrike
  14. Whitewing
  15. Shatterstar
  16. Warbird
  17. Sunspot
  18. Sunspots

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