Which Country Flag are you?

Many people can have different personality traits and beliefs depending on where they are from or where they live. And each country is assigned it's own flag, so the personality traits and beliefs are related to the flags in a way.

Take this quiz to find which country and flag you are assigned to, depending on the different questions my quiz has to offer you. In a few minutes, find out with Country Flag you are!

Created by: Will Lombardi
  1. What is your ideal location?
  2. What is your ideal language?
  3. What is your ideal food?
  4. What leader would you want?
  5. What is your ideal country size?
  6. What do you call the place where they play movies?
  7. How do you spell the place in the middle?
  8. How do you spell green fungus?
  9. How do you pronounce the "bo" in bottle?
  10. Where do you live (Antarctica not included)?

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Quiz topic: Which Country Flag am I?