Do you know your sixth grade english?

Welcome to my "Do you know your sixth grade english?" quiz! It will test you on material covered in sixth grade english(if that wasn't already totally obvious).

In this quiz, I'll test you on spelling, sentences, reference materials and more! (This test is not quite as boring as I'm making it sound, so don''t worry!) ;)

Created by: thisismyquiz

  1. Use this prepostitional phrase to write a sentence. *under the house*
  2. What is the correct abreiveation for Wednesday?
  3. What is the present form of "built"?
  4. Where would you look to find a book about tree frogs?
  5. What is an example of a periodical?
  6. What is the sentence pattern for this sentence? Susy threw a ball.
  7. Is this sentence correct? The large table was hevy.
  8. Is "Annie" a common or proper noun?
  9. What verb goes in the blank? We ______ movies all day.
  10. Is "yourself" a verb?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my sixth grade english?