Do you know your ICK?

There is a lot of people out there you watch ICK on youtube and think they know whats going on and everything about it Bull, this is the test that will prove that! You should watch a few videos before trying at and then see if you can take on the ultimate challenge of this retarded quiz i made online!

Do you think you have what it takes to actually know a thing or two about the ICK crew and the ICK videos? I dont think you do and im the most knowledgeable kid in the whole universe and i have a muffin that kills on sight of losers!

Created by: Connor

  1. What was the first Video on ICK13?
  2. Who was the first actor to ever appear in a ICK video?
  3. what song was played over and over again in Crazy Sounds?
  4. In the movie "Super Crazy Glue" what item was he going to visit at the very beginning?
  5. What is the only video (besides the music ones and reverse Movie) that was made without Kirk?
  6. In the ICK crew, who is most known for the word PISS?
  7. the first 3 ICK members were?
  8. What sweatshirt is Connor wearing in RockBand Doc.?
  9. Who is "Venty"?
  10. Fill In blank, "Calm down Connor! Have a _____"
  11. In what movie does Josh get up early to beat the "Competition"?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my ICK?