How will do u know Bratayley?

Bratayley is an awesome channel on YouTube. If you watch it a lot you might know a lot about them. They had 3 kids, Caleb, Annie, Hayley. Caleb sadly passed away in 2015 but they still upload a lot!

How often do you watch their videos? How much of a fan are you? Well, take this quiz to find out. If you get a zero, don't be sad or upset! It never to late to officially become a fan, so let's do it!

Created by: Hannah

  1. What day did Caleb pass away?
  2. What are the Bratayley children's names?
  3. What is their last name?
  4. How old is Annie as of 2016?
  5. Why is it called Bratayley?
  6. How did Caleb die?
  7. What is Hayley's middle name?
  8. What year were the kids born?
  9. How many subs does their channel have?
  10. Why was Hayley crying in the video "I'm never going to the park again!"

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