How much do you know Caleb Logan Leblanc

Are you a true Bratayley Caleb fan. Do you know enough about him to take this quiz. If so get ready and take it and you will be WOWED! Hope you do well

good luck you will probably do well I hope you enjoy this quiz. Take this quiz seriously and try your best. Thank you for reading enjoy the quiz! Ps here is some good luck smile😃

Created by: MADD

  1. What was the last QOTD that Caleb did before death?
  2. How old would Caleb be if her was still alive
  3. What is Caleb's sisters full names?
  4. What was Caleb's last baseball number?
  5. What was Annie and Hayley (Caleb's sisters) for Halloween 2016
  6. How old was Caleb when the family started vlogging
  7. Caleb's favourite breakfast food?
  8. Caleb's favourite restaurants
  9. Who was the first and last to hold Caleb
  10. What languages did Caleb claim he knew?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Caleb Logan Leblanc